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    Revo vs tnt

    Yes billet input and output as well as triple!! I ran this for 6 months with no issues sorry had to adjust the 2nd gear band as it was loose he initially thought that 2nd gear bands were gone but still advised to go to the Revo tune!! I will run this for now until I can figure out whats what!! D

    Anticipating some news!

    OK I give up any hints???

    Revo vs tnt

    SO......My trans guys says NOT to run the TNT as it will burn up my built trans???? My trans is pretty much the equiv to an ATS trans guy that built it says good for bout 800 hp and that I will never break it!! So since adding the Smarty tuner I have upgraded the turbo to HX S40 50 over injectors HTT manni free flow EX with cat intact banks interkooler and horn with Banks air box!! I know the TNT has way more HP but he says that it will eat even the best trans?? I would like to have a bit of perspective on this?? any one have any events or info to say either way?? I loved the TNT great power awesome fuel ECO lotsa smoke but overall good I have since switched back to the REVO tune on #7 as per his advice as I dont really want to spend another 7500 on a trans!!!!! I would like to hear all sides of this to understand better what differences every one has seen or experienced Darren

    Smarty Touch Software Update, 11-9-15

    nothing new for the OLD junk!! LOL
  5. So i understand all the mombo jombo bout the emissions!!! but lets look at foot print VS emissions How bout this the new trucks require DEF thats great regen the truck burn all the crap and your good to go!! what was added in the making of this discovery to lower emissions!! HMMMMM well lets see we added a new 4ltr PLASTIC jug for the DEF we added a DPF for better emissions and an EGR to comply with all the polution!! 4 ltr jug is made from plastic which in turn is made from oil??? go figure $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that jug had to be manufactured somewhere increase in smog from the product!! great some jobs were created $$$$$$ the DPF and EGR also job creation and extra parts!!! $$$$$$ never mind that with all the extra fuel consumption with all the extra parts for emissions this = more money at the pumps plus more money for the vehicle plus the use of more oil I dont really see how this saved any money NOR see how this saved on emissions??? OH I got it now its all passed to the consumer and we pay more taxes to fix all the emissions gottcha!!! KOOL BEANS!!

    another crAzy Canadian

    Hey Gents Darren from Ontario just picked up a S06 POD for my 2005 Dodge Cummins Im Hoping to make things a crap load better!!

    New to S06 POD

    Im not quite sure I understand the Injection timing with the #3 and #4 #3 is advanced and less than level #2 and #4 is moderate less than level#3??? Thanks

    New to S06 POD

    Sorry it was Bob that was on the Cummins forum!!

    New to S06 POD

    Originally Posted by PUNISHER1 Hi Bob I have been looking for some time to get a smarty and finally was able to get one!! I havent been able to update it I am also trying to find out more info on the UDC end of things?? I have a smarty S06 POD for a 2005 dodge ram 5.9 if you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate that a lot. http://madselectronics.com/downloadf...DCSoftware.pdf http://madselectronics.com/downloadf...TuningTips.pdf http://madselectronics.com/downloadf...uningGuide.pdf Thanks for your time thanks again Brian you of course mean the shift timing? should be at #2?

    New to S06 POD

    Hi guys as it says Im new TY Brian I just sent you a PM from the Dodge Cummins and you sent me some good stuff I have done a ton of reading and know tiny bit of tuning enough to know that all trucks even thought the same are not created equal!! I have an 05 5.9 cummins with the following mods Built tranny (850 hp) 50 over injectors Dynamite Diesel super HX 40 turbo Banks High ram and Inter cooler banks air box I have updated the smarty to the latest SW I have tried a few setting so far ran SW#9 RPM#1 shift limit #1 TQ#3 timing #2 raill press #2 WG #1 with this Im getting tons of smoke lots of power and good Mileage I do tow with this and like to have fun does anyone have good input for the MODS I have for the way I drive?? do I have the setting right with what Im running or is there better?? Thanks Darren