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  1. Ok i have the touch and egt probe. '03, not sure if i really need the comm mod.
  2. What do i need to do to upgrade to udc pro?
  3. Is this in UDC pro or the updated version? I think i am still on the old software.
  4. Is it possible to re-program the fan to run at 20-40% with cold engine and A/C on to eliminate the high pressure and relieving all the refrigerant out of the relief? Or have the fan come on whenever the A/C pressure gets high, regardless of the no fan during cold start? https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/forums/3rd-generation-ram-non-drivetrain-all-years-101/04-5-c-passenger-vents-not-cold-drivers-side-245620/page2/'>https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/forums/3rd-generation-ram-non-drivetrain-all-years-101/04-5-c-passenger-vents-not-cold-drivers-side-245620/page2/ https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/forums/3rd-generation-ram-non-drivetrain-all-years-101/04-5-c-passenger-vents-not-cold-drivers-side-245620/ "The AC is a design defect covered in depth with a DC engineer in the thread below. I add to it with observations from other EV fan clutch equipped vehicles: What happens is to prevent further "morning sickness" of the EV fan clutch they don't send any control signals to the fan during the first 2 min of startup so it can fully unlock. The second part of the defect is Dodge doesn't shut down the AC compressor with high pressure in this cold start window although it works at other times. The defect IMO is assuming Morning Sickness will always affect the fan and keep the AC condenser from overheating - it doesn't happen every time. So the rare time your fan doesn't suffer from morning sickness the AC hits around 500 PSI from an overheated condenser and blows ~1LB of R134A out of the relief valve. The randomness of "no morning sickness" would be difficult for the engineers to find no doubt. https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/...s-side-245620/ https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/...s-side-106452/ Personally I think the fan clutch should be told to lock up with a 30-50% duty cycle for 2 min on cold startup with the AC on. (Avoiding codes etc to pull this off would be a challenge.) Warm the engine up before using AC to avoid the defect condition in Phoenix isn't going to happen. Get moving ASAP after startup so ram air cools the condenser till the engine warms up out of the defect table area and the compressor cycles or the fan can get turned on. AKA don't start up and wait for the AC to cool down. Electric fans (tight fit) as described in the threads above appear to have some results."
  5. BILT-IT

    Touch Plain Black Background

    Have a pic how this looks?
  6. BILT-IT

    Manual High Idle Enable

    I think that the "manual high idle" is referred to as a "PTO idle option" from dealers and such. Just to help clarify its difference compared to the "auto high idle or cold high idle" that all these trucks have. Unfortunately my '03 is not capable of it
  7. BILT-IT

    How about a clock?

    I have an aftermarket dvd player in my stock player spot, flip up screen so it will be getting my backup camera until the smarty can handle it. Eventually i will have two backup cameras, one for the trailer hooked to the truck and one for the boat hooked to the back of the trailer. Or is their another clock slot i am unaware off? Just occured to me the overhead might have a clock? i always leave it on temperature.
  8. BILT-IT

    How about a clock?

    Hmmm crappy, well thanks for looking into it for me!
  9. BILT-IT

    How about a clock?

    Would be great to have a clock on the smarty, I don't have a clock in my truck anywhere. Should be easy to program into the software, maybe one to choose as a large block and a small one on the top menu?
  10. More info needed about your turbo, boost, elevation etc while towing with all the black smoke. You can check the SW tune by pressing the "ECM tuning & DTC touch button"-"ECM button"-Then see if it says at the "Customized tuning: SW#3" or something different. Any SD card reader works fine, i use a micro SD to SD adapter with my laptop. You do not need to return it to stock to update the card. I have towed ~7K in the mountains on SW7 without much black smoke but i had to keep an eye on EGT's on the bigger climbs, i will run it on SW5 next time. http://smartyresource.com/Downloads/Manuals/SmartyTouchComprehensiveGuide.pdf
  11. BILT-IT

    Is everything working right?

    Sounds about right. I tow on SW5 and rarely have EGT concerns.
  12. BILT-IT

    Smarty Touch Smoke Just Off Idle.

    UDC custom tuning will fix that for you.
  13. BILT-IT

    Smarty Touch Software update, 10-27-15

    I didn't notice any difference in trans shifting, although its pretty icy here so i don't think i use more than 3/8 throttle at any time. Glad to hear you didn't have too much carnage!
  14. BILT-IT

    Smarty Touch Software update, 10-27-15

    So today i turned it down to SW3 (from 5) with stock timing and tq1 (from 2), noticable difference on ice. I thought it was the new tires that were not the greatest on ice, with the tq turned down they dont spin near as much. Could be me but it seemed i had alot less engine noise/rattle too, not sure.
  15. BILT-IT

    Smarty Touch Software update, 10-27-15

    Winter has hit our area, about 3" of snow and ice conditions. I will try some of these options out and get back to you. I had the rear spin out for the first time on me lastnight under light acceleration.