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  1. dezmitchell

    Software Release 10-10-17

    So am I able to change the catcher in realtime now? Or the parameters within the catcher? Truck is an 05 and I am talking about std revo tuning
  2. Went on a bit of a road trip and buddy's phone died So upon looking at his phone it looked like the cord that plugs into the touch would fit and it did. Something to keep in mind Incase any of you get into a bind. Just thought I would share
  3. I remove the sd card and just do updates that way SUPER SIMPLE no need to bring touch into house or laptop to truck
  4. dezmitchell

    20-21 pounds of boost max with smarty touch

    I believe the smarty has boost fooling with in the programming .....at least thats what I understand on the 3rd gens
  5. dezmitchell

    BBIs .5 for 04.5 - 07 Rams out NOW!

    Very cool can't wait to see some dyno results I'm sure these will slay the competition just as the 1's and 1.5's do.
  6. dezmitchell

    Can udc pro enable high idle on 03-04 trucks ?

    Just thought the reason the 03-04 ( early 04 trucks) weren't capable of the high idle because that option was never written into the ecm (pto control). I just thought since you guys have been able crack the ecm and gain complete control that you would also be able to write this option into the ecm of the trucks that never had it. I'm not asking if the smarty can enable it if it's already written into the ecm (We all know it already does that). I'm asking if smarty has the ability to put this program option into a ecm that never had it in the first place (the 03 and early 04 trucks).
  7. Just did this in my 05 and was wondering if the udc pro software has the ability to program this feature into the 03-04 truck? Seems like if it were possible smarty would defiantly get the majority shares in the tuning world when it came to those years (vs hp tuners). Just a thought
  8. dezmitchell

    Com mod on 05

    Can I use the Commod to adjust settings within the sw settings before I go udc pro?
  9. dezmitchell

    Com mod on 05

    Just ordered my com mod for my smarty touch and plan on going udc pro once I upgrade a few more things (injectors,turbo) but I have a few questions first. From what I under stand I can adjust settings within the sw software but not the sw setting its self on the fly? Will I be able to change smarty settings on the fly now with the com mod? (Like rp/tm/tq etc) or is this just to change some settings once I get udc pro? Do I have to update my smarty in order to run the com mod? Will the com mod vin lock to my truck ? (Reading your new vin lock policy and com mod info on newer trucks so I'm not clear on the older ones).
  10. dezmitchell

    UDC Pro for 5.9L Common Rail is now available!

    That makes sense that's still AWESOME I would love a DD awesome fuel economy tune and just go up from there towing to full out poor the fuel and light the turbo tunes CANT WAIT !!!!! paired with injectors and turbo upgrade this will be sick!
  11. dezmitchell

    UDC Pro for 5.9L Common Rail is now available!

    so with UDC pro im capable of switching tunes on the fly on my 05? am I reading this correct?
  12. dezmitchell

    Best smarty touch MPG settings

    Well im having a hell of a time finding what people are actually getting for mpg and what settings. Between the S06 and touch revo settings being a bit different it really adds to the confusion. I have made this spread sheet and its attached here, I will be filling it out and reporting back when I put on some miles if anyone wants to use this and reply please repost it with your truck details in the reply (signatures change). Would be nice to have a relatively uniform way of recording settings/results I.e- 05 Cummins, g56 6 speed,3.73 axles, smarty touch, S&B intake, 4" straight exhaust, 315/?/17R tires >>>>>smarty settings mpg sheet.pdf<<<<<
  13. dezmitchell

    Password for pod ? For other drivers

    That's good to know thanks pulling the sd card is about as easy as it gets......just set POD low and pull card wouldn't have to worry thanks......that's way easier then writing all the lines of code for the password idea thanks
  14. dezmitchell

    03-05 VP tune

    There's just something SOOOOO COOL about that vp or old 12 valve sound tho. I would run a 12 valve tune every now and then just to put a grin on my face I know it wouldn't be the most hp or efficient tune but for a lot of us on here that sound has a large part of why we're all addicts now. Would be fun to let the old girl just rattle away at truck meets or events every now and then
  15. dezmitchell

    Password for pod ? For other drivers

    What will removing the card do? Does it put the truck in some sort of limp mode or locks you out of tuning setting ?