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  1. I have a 2012 with the Jr, and just recently switched from US to ME software. Granted I have only had the ME software running for about 2 months now, but I give it a thumbs up! I am running Version N and have had no issues so far.
  2. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    It acts like the transmission is jumping/bucking and not the engine. Yes, it only occurs when it is in gear and the clutch is engaged. When I disengage the clutch, it stops. The truck has no bucking with no tunes, but worst with SW1. SW2 and SW3 has very little bucking. Is the Smarty not managing the torque properly at low rpm?
  3. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    Thanks for your post cummins1984. So here is an update from my SW3 and SW2 experiences recently. After running SW3 successfully on a long trip back in October (no load), I decided to leave it on SW3 (default settings). Ran fine around town and short trips as well. I took my aluminum cattle trailer for a couple hundred mile trip Friday after Thanksgiving, and my clutch slipped several times when accelerating onto the interstates. So I switched to SW2. Last weekend I took a 800 mile round trip with the same cattle trailer with it set on SW2, and it ran great with no clutch slippage. The only issue I am still seeing is a slight miss/buck every now and then when there is no load on the transmission or just light pedal pressure. For example, I just shifted into 5th gear and idling at 40mph in town. I will get some bucking then, but once I put the clutch in it stops. Would that describe a fueling (CP3 or FCA) issue?
  4. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    I had an opportunity to take the truck for a 200 mile overnight journey this last week, so I loaded SW3 TM2 and away I went. The truck performed great, and had no bucking issues. Outside temps were 60s when I left and 20s/30s when I returned home. My mileage increased by about 3mpg over stock, and the truck had plenty of highway-speed passing power! The clutch didn't have any problems with the extra power, but I don't "get on it" either. I will try SW2 the next chance I get for a road trip to see if that is better or worse than SW1. But for now, I will leave it on SW3. Thanks!
  5. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    I will try SW2 and SW3 and let you know. It is not a daily driver, so it may be awhile before reporting back. Thanks!
  6. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    I have not tried any other SW as I have stock clutch and TQ is not an option for my 2012. I typically shift at around 2,000 RPM (+/- 200), and I don't do a lot of heavy loads or heaving pulling normally. The good news is that once it does it and I put in the clutch to make it stop, it doesn't usually come back on that trip. Would a fueling issue show RPM changes, or am not thinking correctly? I don't see any changes in the RPMs when the bucking occurs. I can try a different SW and see if that changes anything. Brian, I know you have said in other posts that SW3 on a stock clutch is acceptable as along as the right foot isn't too heavy. I am just nervous about trying it since my wife also drives the truck and is not as gentle/smooth as I am on shifting. I have 40,000 miles on the truck/clutch. Thanks!
  7. bryeli1

    Bucking Issue

    My 2012 G56 stock truck has been experiencing some bucking over the last year. I was running SW1, TM3 and the bucking usually occurred at low MPH (20-40) and more often during the early morning or cooler temperatures. I received a CEL back in July showing bad 02 sensor in the cat. Since it was still under warranty, I removed the Smarty software in July while the dealer was getting parts (they claimed leaking EGR tube caused the O2 sensor CEL). They got the parts in September and replaced the clamps on the EGR crossover tube. So the truck has had the Smarty software removed since July. Ironically, I have not experienced any bucking since I removed the Smarty software in July. So I have 2 questions: 1. Why is the truck bucking with the Smarty software? I am running the most current US software for 2012 trucks (SJ12V650M_DRS01M.7z). 2. IF I decide to run the ME software (and the DPF falls off from a really large pothole), will the truck continue bucking with the ME software? I do have an older SJ67P unit that can run ME software if I choose to. Thanks for your help! Bryan
  8. bryeli1

    Truck Bucking

    Hi jp22. I have the same issue with my 2012 3500 with the G56. I am running SW1, TM3 with the latest street legal tune on a J67ME. My bucking appears to be more noticeable when the truck is cold too. Did you get the issue resolved and if so how? Thanks!
  9. bryeli1

    DPF Delete Files

    I saw a thread on another site from xcc_rider that posted delete files on the dropbox website. The Jr files were posted to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kywi3odf4...Ori7VWjta?dl=0.
  10. bryeli1

    Smarty jr locked

    There are 2 ways someone can check. One way is to plug the Smarty into a OBD-II port on a vehicle and the other is to plug the Smarty into a computer's USB port. You just need to power the Smarty Jr to see the opening screen. If it is VIN locked, the screen will show #SMARTY# and if it is not VIN locked it will show SMARTY (without the # signs). To plug the Smarty into the computer, the person will need a USB printer cable with the square boxy looking end to plug into the Smarty and the USB end for the computer. Smarty's don't come with the computer printer cable as far as I know, you have to obtain it elsewhere. Good luck!
  11. bryeli1

    Do I want to unplug the EGR?

    Thanks xcc_rider. On SW1 and the EGR unplugged I would say I am getting about the same HP and TQ as without a tuner and EGR plugged in. So the 40 HP derate and CEL is par for the course from what I am seeing. I am hearing less boost being applied, but don't have a gauge to confirm or deny. My plan is to only drive "off-road" starting this spring once it warms up so I can remove the DPF. At that time my understanding is I can leave the EGR plugged in as the ME tune turns it off at that point.
  12. bryeli1

    Do I want to unplug the EGR?

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum, but am learning a lot from reading all the different posts on here. I have a 2012 with the G56 manual transmission and just recently purchased a Smarty Jr for it. But I have a question that I can't find a definitive answer to. Since I am running the latest US/emission legal REVO M software (the Smarty Jr is a ME but I still have the emissions on the truck), should I also unplug the EGR motor or leave it plugged in when running with the Smarty??? I have read some posts that say to unplug, and others say to leave it alone. I also read that the 2012 models are totally different than the other 4th gens on what to do. So I am confused! I am not too concerned that unplugging the EGR will derate the engine as long as I am running the Smarty and adding HP back. My goal is for better mileage and giving the engine cleaner air to breathe. Not looking for more HP per se. I have read the higher the tune the better MPG, but I am nervous about running SW2 or SW3 on the stock clutch. I am currently running on SW1 TM3 (I probably should go to TM4 as I am still getting some rattle in 5th and 6th gear with some throttle applied). Any thoughts about changing to a higher tune with a stock clutch/engine are also much appreciated. Thanks!