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    More touch ???

    Just got my touch today got it installed, but after going to ecm tuning it gives me 2 options. 1. Return to stock 2. Customize tuning: Std revo Click on customize tuning I get 1. CaTHER half power 2. CaTHER with increased power Then I get duration +30 +60 +120 +150 +200 Does this not sound right? I was expecting to see sw1-9. Then from there I get rail pressure, timing, torque, VGT, & transmission tuning. What to make sure I have it correct or am I missing something?
  2. fish32

    Trans tuning

    Thanks Brian. Will it prompt me for trans tuning or will it do it on its own?
  3. fish32


    i do tow mostly light to moderate. Polaris ranger crew and a ski boat.
  4. fish32


    Thanks for the info. I should get the touch today, I'll try it
  5. fish32

    Trans tuning

    Now that trans tuning update is available is it only for udc? If not where is it located?
  6. fish32

    Egt ???

    I see supported pid's egt sensor 1,2,3,&4. Does this mean I don't need an egt probe?
  7. fish32


    Haven't done any mods. Bone stock right now. 2011.5 2500 4x4
  8. fish32


    ecm not exam
  9. fish32


    Thanks. I'm just new to this whole tuning thing, and I don't want to destroy my truck. I don't have 4-5K laying around to replace stuff. But I would like better performance empty and towing. I just read horror stories from some and others with no issues, and nobody gives much info on settings for the exam or trans.
  10. fish32


    what do the settings for rail pressure, timing, and torque actually mean? ie rail pressure 1-3 how much does that increase rail pressure? Same question for torque and timing. Not sold on purchasing without knowing what these values actually mean and what it's doing to my truck. What does the TCM tuning do? I've seen the installation guide but that doesn't give you much of anything other than how to plug it in. When you purchase does it come fully updated or do I do updates before plugging it in?
  11. fish32

    Where to purchase

    I have been doing some research and it sounds like smarty is the best for the cummins. I'm looking at buying the smarty touch. Where can you purchase these things? I've seen the list of places you can't buy but I can't remember all those vendors maybe a shorter list would be the ones that can sale them.