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  1. me78459

    Diesel Doctor

    It sounds to me like you need to have someone build you a tune. Did the vendor give you a tune? mm3 is only a tuning platform. If the tune was supplied then you need to get one from someone.
  2. me78459

    Lope tune

    Glad we have an answer. But to the point, lope tunes just make the truck hard to drive.
  3. me78459

    Lope tune

    download udc and see what happens.
  4. me78459

    Lope tune

    So we dont know? Do you have a S03 there you can test this with and see what happens?
  5. me78459

    Lope tune

    @Brian So UDC does not or does work on a S03?
  6. me78459

    Lope tune

    That's what I was thinking as well.
  7. me78459

    Lope tune

    So you can build a basic UDC tune and load them to a S03? If that is the case you REALLY need to document that someplace in the S03 section. I would have loved to play with that.
  8. me78459

    Lope tune

    @Brian How do you load a UDC tune on a S03? Last I read UDC did not work on a VP truck only UDC pro?
  9. me78459

    Lope tune

    you will need to have a smarty touch / mm3 rather than the SO3 in order for someone to build you a tune.
  10. You are correct, I meant %125 of OEM tuning allows for not % of duty cycle total.
  11. wiretap extends the grounding that happens to open the fueling solenoid longer than the programming will allow. You have to tap a wire on the injection pump. This ends up pushing the fueling solenoid to ~125% duty cycle and that is why wiretap voids the pump warranty.
  12. Yep the S03 is not up to the task for controlling duration. The edge is going to take whatever the ecm spits out ( from the s03 programming) then add on top of it. With the edge set to 0 it does not add anything.
  13. me78459

    Smarty Touch - 2nd Gen 24V VP44 fuel system

    In terms of being able to set higher values than possible into the Injector Quality table, I am guessing that they didn't limit the fuel tables to the same limit that exists in the protocol between the ecm and the pump. The ECM has to convert what you are putting into the table into that 2^12 place in the data, then the vp44 decodes that 2 byte string into a fueling duration. whatever puts the fueling info into the datastream to the vp has a cap that is put in place so that everything fits nicely into the j1939 message structure. yes the quad map will need to be unplugged if you want to get any MAP readings to the ecm greater than ~14 psi.
  14. me78459

    Early 48RE/47RE Tuning

    Here is a preview of the 2nd gen ecm, pcm, tcm, abs, and the communication on the CCD bus. really though I can't imagine a worse nightmare than trying to add another, non native computer, into the vp44 world.
  15. me78459

    S-o3 Towing

    I'd leave it on 5. All levels max duration at wot, you just max it sooner on higher levels. Not really needed for towing.