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  1. me78459

    Early 48RE/47RE Tuning

    Here is a preview of the 2nd gen ecm, pcm, tcm, abs, and the communication on the CCD bus. really though I can't imagine a worse nightmare than trying to add another, non native computer, into the vp44 world.
  2. me78459

    S-o3 Towing

    I'd leave it on 5. All levels max duration at wot, you just max it sooner on higher levels. Not really needed for towing.
  3. me78459

    '18 tuning

    Is it really worth the risk when you consider the truck is worth ~%40 of what my house is? I dont want to argue with the dealer about a possible warranty issue because I have tuning. 🙂 feel free to go down that path if you like, but I will wait.
  4. me78459

    '18 tuning

    I am in the same boat. I have a 18 coming. I would like to mess around with tuning but the warranty issues are not worth it. After the warranty is up I will likely be getting a touch as well.
  5. me78459

    '18 tuning

    I have not, I am not sure if the touch will revert the flash counter or not. I kinda doubt it does, but the SPK FAQ's say that 6.7l tunes leave a footprint so I am forced to say if the OP doesn't want to leave a foot print then he should leave it stock.
  6. me78459

    '18 tuning

    There are flash counters in the ECM that say if the ecm has been reprogrammed. dimes to dollars the dealer will look at that for any warranty work regarding the drivetrain.
  7. me78459

    ABS issues

    have you verified this on a 2nd gen truck? the 2nd gens are a strange beast.
  8. me78459

    REVO Tuning

    Mopar1973man.com has a thread covering these in depth in the smarty resource area https://mopar1973man.com/forum/152-bbi-injectors-smarty-resource/
  9. me78459

    Smarty won’t communicate!

    No, it grabs the data output from the j1939 bus as it comes out of the ECM to the vp44. It then alters that data based on it's own maps ( v1 tunes at least) then resends the message to the vp44 with the increased fueling and timing commands. the ecm doesn't have a clue that the quadzilla is there. this is the same way all vp44 piggy back boxes work. Edge comp, ez, xzt, quadzilla, blue chip, etc etc.
  10. me78459

    Smarty won’t communicate!

    @Rob D is correct with one difference, the ecm is none the wiser about the quad. you will not hurt the ecm as the quad is a piggy back system, it does not write to the ecm. Think of it in simple terms as a multiplier on what the smarty tuning does. So if the smarty asks for %50 duration then quad takes that in, adds %15 ( thin air guess) and sends it back out so the vp sees a fueling command of %64. I doubt engine damage will occur, but the resulting tuning is a result that neither box wants..... not good. in terms of what is possible via tuning on a vp44 truck the resulting changes are pointless if you stack 2 canbus fueling boxes. all it does is make your throttle pedal over sensitive and cram all possible fueling in a VERY small amount of throttle movement Don't do it. The only box you should stack a smarty with is a tst comp , AKA wiretap only box. If you want to use the smarty then sell the quadzilla and by a tst.
  11. me78459

    Smarty won’t communicate!

    Stacking the quadzilla and the s-03 is not a good idea. It is also not supported when running the new tuning on the quadzilla. The ecm can go into runaway protection mode if factory high idle is enabled and quadzilla high idle is enabled. That is what caused your truck to die. this issue has nothing to do with the Smarty tuning. run one or the other, not both.