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  1. Pinny

    1.1.2 ( Needed for TNT unlock)

    Yes, I copied the TNT file onto the card as instructed with the same results. On the touch it recognized the file and installed but when I go to the ECM and look for the tunes they are not there...
  2. Pinny

    1.1.2 ( Needed for TNT unlock)

    I have had troubles with this program ever since I asked for the unlock code. I downloaded what Dylan sent me and installed it on my touch but does not show the tnt settings like I was told it would. So then I read later on that you need the older version (1.1.2) in order to run this. So I download this file and install it on my touch and still nothing. I know this stuff is set up to be as simple as possible but I am really having a hard time with this for over a year now.
  3. Pinny

    Tnt unlock codes

    My smarty isn't showing that. I sent Dylan an email regarding this, I have not heard back from him.
  4. Pinny

    Trouble getting stock file

    How would someone go about getting one?
  5. Pinny

    Manual High Idle Enable

    I had a 48re and did a g56 swap. Had smarty software flash the ecm to manual. Yes i'm using the PRO. I have the neutral safety switch hardwired until I install the actual switch and wire it in. No cruse option with my truck, just standard cab no extras.
  6. Pinny

    Manual High Idle Enable

    I have an 05' and its getting cold enough now here in Wisconsin to automatically enable high idle, Although i'm sure not recommended I have heard you can "short" the AAT to show the ecm a temperature below the high idle set point?
  7. Pinny

    Manual High Idle Enable

    I have always been interested in the manual high idle but after searching I dont see where I can select this feature. Am I missing something? :indifferent:
  8. Pinny

    Tnt unlock codes

    I have so far enjoyed my smarty and the customer service that has went along with this tuner so, I have an issue with my TNT software I received. I downloaded and installed as instructed and when I look in the smarty its not there.. Not sure if something was downloaded or installed incorrectly, I tried a couple times and says its was successfully installed but again nothing on the smarty? Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. Pinny

    EGT Sensor Open?

    Checked the connections ad tried unplugging the obdII and got nothing different. I am using the probe that came with the smarty and when I installed I thought I heard some cracking when I tightened the fitting onto the probe? Did some more investigating, isolated the sensor and checked ohms with multi meter and came up with an open circuit. Took the probe out of the exhaust fitting to find no damage. I never checked the probe before I installed it assuming it was good. Was this my error installing or did I get a bad sensor?
  10. I installed my egt sensor, turned on the smarty and got an error/fault saying "Open" I don't think anything can be hooked up wrong besides the color coded wires.. What could be wrong?
  11. Brian I am finding myself to be having the same problem with my smarty touch except the new card I bought is reading and taking files but is not being recognized by the smarty. I'm at a loss what to do next.