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  1. t-rob

    Smarty on a 2004

    I am just making sure what I have found is correct. Timing on the 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins are different than some other years. 1 is the Greatest or most advanced and 2 a little less and so on. So, 1 would give me best fuel economy? Correct? Im pretty sure I read its opposite for some years. (3 most advanced) Thanks.
  2. t-rob

    Death wobble

    Thanks for the reply. I ordered some track bar bushing that was suppose to fit. We got it apart and they did not. After looking at it they do have some wear but we put it back together and tightened it up and it's already better. No death wobble since then. I'm still gonna replace bushing and possibly other stuff. The bushing was a 2 piece that had the number 7087 stamped on it. Anybody familiar with that one?
  3. t-rob

    Death wobble

    Finally had the death wobble. Everything seems to be pretty tight. So I am going to start with track bar bushings. I have a Bd diesel track bar. Does anyone know the size and dimensions of these bushings? Trying to find aftermarket ones and in a hurry. Want to take the boat out Labor Day and need to find them. I ordered some from Summitt. But don't know if they will be here In Time. So moog had some but in all different sizes. Need to know what size I need. 2004 Dodge Ram 2500. Thanks.
  4. t-rob


    Thanks Brian. I'll look into that.
  5. t-rob


    I have an 2004. I got the smarty touch about 2-3 months ago. Been pretty easy on it. Just going through the settings looking for fuel economy. Finally the other day I got on it and I noticed that the boost on the turbo never went about 21 psi. I thought it would go closer to 30 or so. The. I tried it again the next day and same thing. Hung right at 21. Any thought? Thanks.
  6. t-rob

    2004 air conditioner problem

    thanks i will check that out.
  7. t-rob

    2004 air conditioner problem

    nobody else ever have this problem?
  8. I have a 2004 dodge ram 2500. From time to time after driving about an hour or so the air conditioner air flow will drop dramatically. I did a little research and see that the blend door can be a problem, but I don't think that is what this is because when switching back and forth the recycle or outside air it switches, so I don't think blend door is broken. So is this probably just low freon or could it be something else. Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Thanks for the info. That cleared up things for me.
  10. Sorry for so many questions. I'm not sure what all the ComMod does. Can you change tunes on the fly now? Just wondering what it does? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for getting back with me. So do I need the ComMod to benefit from the UDC Pro-RT? And will it work with my year truck? Thought I read where it is for newer ones. Thanks again.
  12. I have a 2004 dodge ram. just got my smarty touch about a week ago. i was on the site looking at the updates and wondering. DO i click on the UDC Pro-RT or the Smarty UDC? I read basically that you can use windows....not Mac. Is that right? If so, will Mac be an option at some point? Been reading a lot on this site about the smarty. want to go ahead and say thanks to the smarty resource group for all the help they provide. Thanks.