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  1. Smitty

    Smarty to EFI to Smarty

    Don't get me wrong...I am not blaming EFI. Maybe EFI was not the best tool for my needs. And, as you said earlier I have to rely on the person creating the tune. Did they give me what I ask for? No way to really tell since none of them did any data-logging. Oh well...I will figure it out one of these days...or buy a new truck. :happy:
  2. Smitty

    Smarty to EFI to Smarty

    Thanks for the reply Paul... You are reading my mind...lol I had some issues with my Jr. and that was why I quit using it. Everyone raved about EFI, so decided to give it a try. I agree 100% on your comment about the "outcome from the tuning is largely dependent on the person doing the tuning". I have tried 3 different people (tuners), 15+ tunes and ended up with nothing better than my Smarty Jr. At first the V12 (single injection) tunes seemed to give me better MPG, but was not always able to duplicate the results. The last tuner I used eventually told me not to expect any big differences with daily driving/towing with EFI. EFI really came into play under WOT conditions. Needless to say I was disappointed since I was looking for the benefits under daily driving/towing conditions, not WOT. So, in the end I believe I spent a lot of money for the hardware and tunes and really did not accomplish anything better than what I had with my Smarty Jr. I actually believe I lost MPG going to EFI. Was it the tuners, EFI or both???? Why I would like to try a S06 and compare the results to EFI. P.S. Paul, what was your experience with EFI...more for WOT or? Thanks,
  3. With EFI I am only seeing 16-17mpg on my 2007.
  4. Hey Guys... Went from a Smarty Jr to EFI a few years back. For various reasons considering going back to a Smarty. Wanted to see if anyone has made that transition...EFI to Smarty? Notice any differences...good...bad? Thanks,
  5. Yes, I agree on shifting being affected. I have noticed this in the past. Sounds like it would be best to keep at 99 and use my right foot as a control.(?) I may experiment with using SW3/timing default and see how it works...If there is to much rattle bring it down to SW2/timing default. Or just put it on SW2 and don't worry about. I would not think there would be that big of difference in mpg...which is what I am looking for. Or, is there???
  6. Smitty

    ECM Re-Flash

    As mentioned earlier, I am on the latest version of Jr. : 5.14B, RS01C, 10/5/12. I am assuming that is still the latest release? I installed that release back in Nov 2012. Is there any benefits in downloading and re-installing? Thanks
  7. Smitty

    Map Rotate Issue

    I have a Jr. so my only experience with Smarty products. But it sounds as though you can get custom smarty tunes etc?
  8. Another question concerning towing, settings and POD. You mentioned earlier to use the higher SW for best mpg/efficiency. Could I set my JR. to SW #3 (Performance), Timing default, and then using POD to dial it down some. Say 80% for example. I assume when using SW3 the default timing is higher than the default timing for SW2? When you decrease using POD are you also decreasing timing? Or would I keep the SW3 timing and just decrease throttle response. Reason behind my question is to use POD more like "change on the fly". Have the Jr. set on the highest settings for daily driving, then decrease using POD for towing and when I go for better MPG. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Brian... When towing, I am in no hurry. I drive very conservative. With that in mind, even towing 10,000 pounds, I would be ok using Sw#2 with timing in the default mode? I was talking to one of the techs on the phone earlier...sorry forgot his name...he was recommending dropping down to SW#1 timing default due to the weight?
  10. Smitty

    ECM Re-Flash

    Thanks Brian. I Do have the latest version! I apologize...was it you I was talking to on the phone?
  11. Smitty

    Power On Demand

    When I first used POD, I thought 0 meant stock. Set it to 0 and it scared the poop out of me. Thought I have broke something.
  12. Hello, 07 5.9 auto with a Smarty Jr. I am towing a 5th wheel, approximately 10,000 pounds. Have been reading some of the other threads on proper settings etc. and it leads me to some specific questions: 1. When towing I am looking for mpg for the most part. I read that I should use the highest SW setting for the best possible mpg. Does this go for when towing also? I normally keep in the #2 SW (towing) setting. Is this where I should keep it? 2. It was mentioned that the timing should be set at default, except for "heavy towing". What is considered heavy towing? Am I considered heavy towing? If yes, I should back the setting down from #2 (default) to 3 or 4? I always keep the Tq mgmt setting at #1 stock. Thanks, Ken
  13. Hello, Have a 07 5.9 Auto with a Smarty Jr. I had the ECM on my truck re-flashed today. Of course, I set Smarty back to stock before doing so. Should the the re-flash give me a problems when I connect my Smarty back to it? Will Smarty pick up the new "good" stock program from the ECM? Or try to use the stock program it already has saved? I do not want to "corrupt" the new with the old. Thanks, Ken Smith