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  1. cummins1984

    Parameters request update

    Well I have been having to take work with me after work is supposed to be done for the day, taking time away from getting this parameters request list wrapped up. I have everything confirmed for Ed for the entire auto transmission(I do believe I have everything), torque management parameters for manual and auto trans(nothing there actually limiting fuel to reduce torque with where these parameters are set from factory but can be used by the end user if desired), exhaust brake control parameters and water in fuel(normal and B20 fuel) parameters. Just a matter of finishing getting them cleaned up and organized then off they an be sent to MADS! Soon they will be done and hopefully put into an update. The guys with autos can really benefit from these beyond what others currently offer as far as trans tuning.
  2. cummins1984

    Injector Voltage Ratings?

    Martin, you wouldn’t happen to know the duration of the peak, pull in and hold currents on the 6.7L would you?
  3. cummins1984

    Acceleration to Fuel tables

    Or... after a little google searching, the 4D may be for #4 grade diesel???
  4. cummins1984

    Acceleration to Fuel tables

    These two tables, Accel to Fuel Conversion Steady and Accel to Fuel Conversion Transient seem to be part of a combustion management scheme that was being developed called 4D. I don’t believe it was ever complete and full implemented for the 04.5-07 model years as the timing tables for this 4D is all zeros. As a side note, the thresholds for the High Speed Governor switching to transient state is an acceleration of 2500 RPM/Sec for 0.8 seconds.
  5. cummins1984

    Parameters request update

    If all this goes through you will certainly be able to control when the TC locks and unlocks
  6. cummins1984

    Parameters request update

    Just a bit of an update. I believe I’ve got all the transmission parameters mapped out, the exhaust brake parameters and water in fuel parameters mapped out. Was just starting to get started on the intake air heater parameters. So far some 620 parameters mapped out. Not it sure if I should stop there moment and clean up/organize what I have so far and have that sent in then work on other parameters like the IAH and battery control. Dunno if overloading MADS with such a large request would be a good thing lol. Maybe I’ll quickly get the torque management parameters for the auto and manual trans and put those in instead and do the final touch on all that then work on the remainder? What does everyone else think? FYI, any other particular parameter requests for the 04.5-07 model years aside from what I’m currently working on, post them up here and I will get to them at some point.
  7. cummins1984

    Misc. Parameters B20 On/Off

    As per Cummins descriptions this miscellaneous parameter B20 On/Off sets the water in fuel sensor to a different sensor scaling map for when 20% biodiesel is being used as other water in fuel parameters. One sensor scaling map for regular diesel and associated other parameters and one for 20% biodiesel and other associated parameters. The On/Off toggles between which set is used.
  8. cummins1984

    Early 48RE/47RE Tuning

    Haha awesome
  9. cummins1984

    Early 48RE/47RE Tuning

    Some interesting food for thought for early 47RE tuning, and I’m talking 2nd gen early. From what I understand there really isn’t much difference between the 47RE and the 48RE. Biggest being higher torque rating on the 48RE and an oil to coolant heat exchanger in addition to the oil to air heat exchanger. With th knowing where the vin is stored within the ecm, one could use that to find within the code section once one wraps their mind around reading the code, find the section pertaining to vin check for ecm unlock and eliminate it and potentially use UDC and a 04.5-07 ecm to control and have full control of their 2nd gen auto trans. Granted it it would require a lot more than that to get it working but it’s got potential possibilities. That ecm could also be used to control 2nd gen charging system, intake air heater and the few other little things it controls which isn’t much since 2nd gens are mechanical. Certainly has me peaked.
  10. cummins1984

    2005 48RE 4th Gear 20% Throttle Issue SOLVED!!!

    Once I finish up the list, should be done by end of this week as I’m traveling today and working everyday for the next 15 days, I will send it to @Rob D for proofing and make sure he agrees with the grouping of how it should appear in UDC then will be moved up the chain. It will include exhaust brake parameters and some other things people have wanted, control over the charging system and more control over the intake air heater as well as the ability to shut off the water in fuel for those you run a fass and don’t use the water in fuel sensor. Once its put in up the chain I’ll announce it and the more people we get writing in requesting these changes to be added the more likely I’m sure it will happen. Fingers crossed at least!
  11. cummins1984

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    Being able to turn overdrive off through UDC I can see it being the user driver override being used to shut the driver off for that option
  12. cummins1984

    Hi Beams with fog lights

    After going through parameter in the ecm I think FCM programming options is a whole different deal. Would be nice to have those options though
  13. cummins1984

    New Vin License

    You can also try formatting the original SD card and unzipping a fresh copy of the firmware onto it.
  14. cummins1984

    New Vin License

    That file will actually no longer be on the SD card once it has been applied to the touch. I would try a different SD card and just unzip a fresh copy of the firmware onto it and pop it into the smarty. The smarty can be a little finicky with SD card brands. When I was having issues with the touch being unable to read the ECM I was using a 16GB card that came with my drone as I misplaced the one that came with the touch. The touch did not like that card. Sometimes it would read but most times it wouldn’t. Eventually I found the original SD card and went back to using that and no issues after. However MADS has done things it does require the SD card with the firmware on it to read the ECM, I imagine it uses files off it to retrieve the appropriate communication protocols and other things to talk with it outside of being able to read basic PIDs. In my experience even though the touch may show a green for the SD card, it may have some trouble using the files on the SD card, for whatever reason it may be but comes from the SD card itself.
  15. cummins1984

    New Vin License

    Are you using the SD card that came with the touch? Have you tried a different SD card? My issues with that stemmed from the SD card itself. Everything can develop issues, from a SD card, to a $4000 computer, to your fridge, even a smarty or other tuner products. World isn’t perfect but everyone here helps each other the best they can, where they can, when they can.