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  1. cummins1984

    new here

    And that’s one weird law with emissions your state has. Like Arizona, it’s adopted CARB regulations but they only apply in the big cities, everywhere else in the state is free game.
  2. cummins1984

    new here

    I would do a thorough check of the entire system including egr for leaks and fix any leaks found. Leaks will upset the system for sure causing it to not work properly and a solid reason of fumes in the cab. My 12 valve downpipe warped where it connected to the exhaust elbow and you could smell it in the cab, my previous 05 I had the hot pipe break at the v band flange and I would get massive amounts of soot coming up into cab.
  3. cummins1984

    new here

    I do believe yes you can, if you can find someone to provide the ME file. Due to EPA it hasn’t been supported by Smarty in years. Honestly sounds like bad exhaust leaks going on if you are getting fumes in the cab. Staying compliant is relative to your locations air quality requirements.
  4. cummins1984

    SD Card Problems. Need help ASAP!

    Possible corrupt download of the update? Have you tried redownloading the latest update and extracting to the SD card?
  5. cummins1984

    Custom Tune

    Gordon at Innovative Diesel does VP44. Too bad there isn’t anything currently available for the second gen 24 valve trans tuning.
  6. cummins1984

    new here

    The ME is for trucks that have the emissions equipment deleted from the truck. I wouldn’t recommend running ME with the DPF and other emissions equipment still on the truck. The turbo vanes are getting stuck from the recirculated soot, having the egr on the truck still. My mom went through two turbos on her 08 till she finally got the deletes, hasn’t had those issues since.
  7. cummins1984

    Hey new memeber !

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately no, there isn’t unit conversion available on the touch itself.
  8. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    Any time 👍🏻
  9. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    There may be updates on the “boxed” tunes that come with the Touch. I can’t say what kind of changes would be there in that aspect though. Eventually someone else with more knowledge on that end of it will come along and should be able to answer that one. If if you had an automatic I would say definitely worth it for getting a 48RE tune from Rob D. A lot of work has been put into more in depth automatic 48RE tuning behind the scenes of what any tuning platform currently offers for adjustments on the 48RE to provide better control and shifting of the transmission and Rob D now provides that service. A lot of people believe there’s no real adjustability and tuning/control available for the 48RE but that’s been proven wrong on this forum.
  10. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    Once updated you absolutely can use UDC tunes, IF someone builds you a custom tune. The dongle is only to unlock the custom tuning software from demo mode and allow you to write your own custom tune files. The dongle has nothing to do with the Touch directly.
  11. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    Updating to 2.2.13 will give you UDC Pro RT capabilities with your Touch and all the latest features for it. There is no rolling back the update to your current version once applied though.
  12. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    Lol dunno on that one
  13. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    The factory mopar fuel filtration provides 7 micron filtration, Cummins specs for filtration required is 2 or 3 microns. Sure many dodges have ran many a mile on stock filtration without major injector issues, but many also have not been as lucky. So for peace of mind, a FASS system. The FASS will also keep the minimum required low fuel pressure to the injector pump up where it needs to be during full throttle heavy loading on the engine.
  14. cummins1984

    Please pardon a dumb rookie question but...

    Everyone can benefit from a custom, even on an otherwise stock engine that’s just a daily driver. The option is yours to pursue. Rail pressure you can run a bit higher but yes there are limits as with everything else. If you want longevity for your injectors get rid of the stock mopar fuel filtration and invest in a FASS system.
  15. cummins1984

    Hello from the backwoods of CNY

    Nice! That thing looks rowdy as f***!