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  1. AH64ID

    Boost reading on startup

    Boost isn't measured in terms of gauge pressure, it's calculated. The Touch calibrates it self during the startup to get 0.0 psi, if it's calibrated before cranking it may not drop that calibration when cranking and now you have more vacuum in the intake manifold that shows negative boost. I see boost errors when I start the truck at once elevation and make a drastic elevation change, such as 3-4K feet difference.
  2. AH64ID

    High boost/low egt

    More information is needed. What turbo? What rpms? What speed?
  3. Looking forward to another great MADS/Smarty year in 2018! Thanks for all you guys do!
  4. Yeah I saw that typo too.
  5. I recall that map being there before, but the 3rd gear OD off map is new.
  6. AH64ID

    Power On Demand

    I’m surprised it did anything. PoD 0 effectively removes the throttle input.
  7. AH64ID

    Stage 3 48RE Stock turbo and injectors

    It might run a bit hot with stock boost.
  8. AH64ID

    Stage 3 48RE Stock turbo and injectors

    You will want to get an adjustable wastegste elbow and set to open at 30 psi.
  9. AH64ID

    Stage 3 48RE Stock turbo and injectors

    The adjust options pdf appears to be missing. I get a broken link when I click on the link in the guide.
  10. AH64ID

    Stage 3 48RE Stock turbo and injectors

    You will likely run out of air before you push the injectors too far. What psi do you have your wastegste opening at?
  11. AH64ID

    BBI .5 VS STAGE 1

    If you plan on UDC Pro tuning in the future I would suggest the Stage 1's, but for no tuning the Stage 0.5's are better.
  12. AH64ID

    5.9L common rail, setting question

    We had a great season. I got a nice 6pt and a larger than average 2pt muley. I would look at the Pac PRXB, and I might even be replacing my Jacobs with one this winter. Exhaust brakes are HUGE for mountain towing.
  13. AH64ID

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Stock timing will be the most retarded profile. To me the timing we gain by tuning the HPCR's is the #1 benefit of tuning.
  14. AH64ID

    Smarty touch gauges.

    I would guess it was there all along under Trans vs Temp. I also want to clarify your timing setting. You said you increased timing to 2. Timing 2 is less total timing than timing 1. You may know that, but I just wanted to clarify.