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  1. PeterC

    Background Picture

    What is the process to add a background picture to a MM3
  2. PeterC

    New Vin License

    I was wanting to know how to get a new vin license and how much for my smarty touch
  3. PeterC

    Suggested Settings on Stock 2017

    Thanks for all the great help. I love my smarty
  4. PeterC

    Suggested Settings on Stock 2017

    Does the smarty touch tell you when the truck is in regen?
  5. PeterC

    New Here 2017 Ram 2500 CCSB

    Brian, I got my Smarty touch back today and discovered that the SD card was not sent back with it. I contacted Dylan and he said that a new one would be sent to me. The question I have is can I buy an SD card and load the required files onto it. I really don't want to have to wait another week or more to get this working. Thank you for your help.
  6. PeterC

    Suggested Settings on Stock 2017

    Thank you for all your help and advise. I appreciate the information. This is my first diesel, I have always modified my gas trucks but new to the whole diesel mod.
  7. PeterC

    Suggested Settings on Stock 2017

    I am hoping for better MPG as well as sometimes more power.
  8. I was wondering what settings were recommended to on a stock 2017 2500 with an automatic. The only thing added is a CAI Thank you
  9. PeterC

    New Here 2017 Ram 2500 CCSB

    Thank you,
  10. PeterC

    New Here 2017 Ram 2500 CCSB

    I had talked to John Christopherson. I have emailed him a few times without any response.
  11. Hi I am new here, I just purchased a Smarty touch and wanted to know what settings to run it on with my 2017 2500 automatic. The only mod is a AFE CAI. I am looking for more power and better MPG. Also what setting is recommended to use when I tow - 8000 lbs travel trailer. Does it automatically use the trans tuning or do I have to do that somewhere. Also does anybody know how long it takes for warranty to repair/replace a bad unit. My touch unit did not turn on when I received it so I contacted help by phone and they told me to send it in. It shows delivered to Smarty yesterday but I haven't heard anything. I even email the person I talked to but haven't gotten any response. Thanks for the help.
  12. How do you post in anywhere besides the visitor message?

  13. I sent my Smarty touch into warranty because when I received it the screen did not work. I was wondering if anybody knew how long it takes to hear back from Smarty about the repair/replacement and how long it takes to get it back.