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    Fass fuel line problems 150/titanium

    What is your opinions on running a low % of bio fuel like b11. Most stations around me have it and very few sell the ulsd but I do have a choice between the two. I've heard mixed thoughts about the two but was told bio has more lubricity for the injectors and fuel system which sells me on the b11 bio. I've replaced two sets of injectors within 20k miles and was told it was due to bad fuel and I was going out of my way at the time to fill of with ulsd now I use additive and bio at every fill up and haven't had a problem since besides these fuel lines.
  2. Arcticcat95

    Fass fuel line problems 150/titanium

    Looks like I'll give fass a call and see what they recommend thanks guys.
  3. Arcticcat95

    Fass fuel line problems 150/titanium

    Thanks for your replies, I do run b11 bio and stanadyne adative pretty much every fill up. I didn't think that low % of bio would effect that unless its the additive thrown into the mix that makes it really potent. I hope the inside of the line isn't breaking down and getting stuff into my injectors, it's the whole reason i run the additive every fill up and put the fass system on.
  4. Anyone else's having problems with the fass blue quick lock fuel line? I noticed where the injection pump line, and return line connects to the fass pump it looks like the fuel is eating away at the line it's super soft and cracking. I've only had the fass system for 3 years seems to soon to be replacing fuel line or is this a common problem? Thanks in advance for any advice in squashing this problem.
  5. I just updated my smarty to the 1.1.1 software are the timing and all other settings numbers still the same 1=greatest 2=advanced 3=moderate im trying to set my truck at sw#3 timing greatest#1 rail pressure mild#1 torque mgmt mild#1 does that look right. sw#5 with those settings was super impressive and torque was insane but i could tell if i wasnt careful that would be the end of my trans so im kickin it down. Thanks brian much appreciated.
  6. I downloaded update from smarty website and the smarty 2G IAP File has a internet explorer icon next to it and looks like this please someone let me know if this is going to cause a problem while updating smarty touch. Thank you
  7. I'm actually gonna do level 5 now I'm a little nervous and don't wanna hurt anything just let me know when you get a chance how to make those adjustments on the settings thanks a ton Brian.
  8. Thank you Brian is the 1.1.1 the software I should update? Also I have the truck on sw#9 all settings on stock what number do I put the timing on for greatest all it says is 1 to 3 in steps of 1. Is there any other setting I should change for fuel economy rail pressure, torque or wastegate. With the new software does it change the preloaded tunes or what does it do and improve. Sorry for all the questions I'm lost with this thing and just want it setup right. Thank you Brian.
  9. Hey guys I've had my smarty touch for 2.5 years and have had it set on sw#3 settings all stock cause I don't know much about changing the settings and don't wanna take a chance on doing something wrong and damaging the motor. I drive the truck easy and don't beat on it but my fuel mileage isnt much better if even better at all then the truck being stock.so I've been reading up lately on the turner and seen a lot of people saying they run there trucks on higher sw levels with custom settings and they get good fuel mileage. So I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance on a safe tune with added settings that I can just daily drive with the best fuel mileage.also a good tune setup for towing would be much appreciated to. My truck is a 2006 ram 2500 cummins 4x4 35"/12.5 tires 160k miles. New stock injectors 10k ago. automatic transmission. Trans is stock rebuilt 30k ago with a suncoast valve body still can't handle much more torque then stock. Banks cold air ram air intake, 5"turbo back exhaust with aeroturbine muffler, fass 150 titanium, sinister stock fuel filter delete, smarty touch with smarty egt sensor. Also I'm not sure which software is on the smarty but I've never updated it, I did look on my smarty touch display in smarty touch device information and it showed this 0001.00.03 next to smarty touch controller and firmware update, also when you go to ecm on the display it says revo if that helps. Let me know if I should update it. Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense i don't know much about the smarty just how to load preset tunes and keep and eye on the gauges. I greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and help me, let me know what ya think.thank you.