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  1. You guys are Awesome!! I can't thank you enough for working through this, these trans shifting issues have plagued me since buying the Touch and it's been years of knowing it hasn't worked right but trying to prove it to Mads... This is really a huge win! If there's anything I can do to contribute please sign me up! Definitely get my vote for Mads to include those tables in a very near future release!!
  2. Very interesting, thank you Rob!! I too hope MADS adds these!!
  3. Awesome, thank you very much Rob!! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. If we ever end up in the same place, beers on me!
  4. jwissler10

    New 48RE Maps Requested

    That's AWESOME!! Thank you Rob, very excited for response!!
  5. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    @Rob DI'm a little confused. The TH to OD lockout has been under engine/miscellaneous parameters for over a year but it doesn't actually do anything. Are you saying when you set that to OD lockout = Yes that it actually holds the 3-4 shift? OH! But you're using you're own engine programming. That's the difference, I don't modify the tables, I have tried setting that parameter but am still using the Smarty tunes so when I program the smarty tunes it re-sets it back to stock default. So unless I did a custom tune and set it that doesn't work. But, if that's working for you it'd be a decent work around. It'd be nice if the programming could be corrected to allow that RT that I could push in addition to the smarty tunes, otherwise I can buy a custom tune I suppose. Doesn't the TCC unlock 3rdTH table work for setting the unlock? It must use either the regular table or the TH table, have you tried adjusting the unlock rpm to see if it will hold lock, and if it doesn't is there a 3rd table that Smarty isn't displaying to us that it's using instead? Good info, thanks!
  6. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Yeah, it should be based on throttle percentage and rpm (like the table we try to change). If you were really on it stock without TH on at least with mine it will delay the 3-4 also, but not as much as if TH is on. If programmed at all it does it consistently at 50. I got tied up at work and haven't had much chance to research but from what I remember I found it because I was trying to work around the shifting issue. One idea I had was to try and get TH to just lock out 4 and not do the shift. I could then essentially manually shift as needed if wanting to delay the 4th. There is an option in the stock programming tables to change it to that, but when trying to leverage it from UDC Pro it doesn't take. Likewise when I had Dodge do it (and it worked) when I applied a smarty tune it over-wrote it... I believe in the 04/04.5 the TH does what I was trying to do, locks out the 3-4 shift. In the 05 dodge changed the programming to just adjust the shift curve, but it will still do the shift. Stock it should do the shift late depending on load, and when not in TH the shift is supposed to be earlier to try and save fuel. In the 06 you actually get both options. One to use the TH table that will still shift 3-4 and one option to lock out the 3-4 shift. Essentially the article I'm trying to find describes that, but on the software side the only way it makes sense is to have shifted the tables or added new tables or parameters for all 3 years, which means if Smarty is programming the same tables for all of those years of trucks it could be the reason for our issue...? Just a thought.
  7. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    @Brian@Rob D hey guys I was thinking about this the past few days. I am quite certain about the issue stemming from programming for 2005 trucks, mine/my friends/Robs. I just remembered an article that I found when I was looking to buy my truck that described the different transmission programming that dodge did. Between 2004/2004.5/2005/2006 Dodge changed the way that tow haul worked and the programming associated with the transmission shift points. 2005 was the most unique. I'll try and dig up the article. It could be that this issue is only present for a 2005 truck, and the 04/04.5 and the 06's don't have it because the tables are in alignment. The reason I'm bringing this up is to still get to the root of the problem and get it solved. But also in your test trucks Brian you may not be seeing this unless you have a stock 2005... Just a thought. I'll post the article when I find it. Thanks guys!
  8. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    @Rob D Sure I understand that, but the stock 3-4 shift is dependent on throttle percentage, so if stock you're in it because you're towing >50% or whatever (I don't have my laptop that has the stock table in it) it will hold the shift longer than 50-55. Tow Haul does hold longer Both of the above shift at 50mph regardless of throttle once any Smarty Touch tune is loaded, or a custom map from UDC is pushed. In fact it's even worse. When stock in either Tow Haul or not if climbing a hill under load and get in it enough to downshift it only upshifts based on the stock table so will hold a lower gear if conditions are right. With Touch software it doesn't and always upshifts immediately after getting out of >70% throttle range. The above is issue, I'm not doing custom tunes. I want to custom map the transmission and then small things like the Trans temp that the fan ramps up but can use RT for all that I want. For me if it's stock or the Edge programmer my truck shifts great, and Tow Haul works like it should. As soon as I load any of the Touch out of the box tunes I experience exactly what you describe, and if I'm stock and push any UDC tunes or adjustments it does the same thing. Basically as soon as Smarty writes to my truck it changes the transmission shift pattern. I'm on contract in Oakland, CA but if there was a date set I'd happily go get my truck in WA and take it anywhere reasonable to demo the problem. I really want it resolved and have a lot invested at this point. The only thing wrong with my truck is this transmission shifting issue introduced by Touch.
  9. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Sorry Brian but I completely disagree. While the Touch may not be intended to modify transmission tables it definitely does!! Now it feels like all the effort I've put in discussing with you is being ignored. That's really unfortunate! As far as the programming I sent, why would level 7 change anything with the transmission? I am not having issues with EGT's or engine output but the shift pattern for the transmission, which that tune you said shouldn't affect - even though any tune does... 100% for sure: * If I remove all smarty touch programming my truck shifts PERFECTLY! * If I use a different programmer to a similar power setting my truck shifts perfectly! * When I load any programming from smarty touch (not UDC) it will shift into 4th gear at 50mph regardless of what happens. This isn't custom tuning but out of the box functionlity. This happens with my truck and an identical truck that still has factory stock transmission and less than 50k overall miles. (one that I convinced my friend to buy a touch for and now he struggles with the same thing) * UDC tuning has effects on some tables but does not have any affect on the 3-4 gear upshift. Again something is wrong with the touch out of the box here and UDC isn't able to modify it. I'm happy to bring my truck anywhere as well. Would love for someone to prove me wrong, or better yet correct the issue so I can enjoy towing and driving vs doing all the work arounds I currently have to do... I am disappointed because I thought in a different thread we were all on the same page and the Smarty engineers were looking at how to resolve.
  10. jwissler10

    TC lock-up 04.5

    Just like what Rob D said, the problem isn't your transmission its the programming in the Smarty Touch. There is definitely a software defect in there and Mads has said they're working on it, but that was more than a few months ago. I did the same thing you're doing, had my valve body changed up and tried to get it tuned that way. The problem is that both the TCC lock/unlock and the 3-4 shift are electronically controlled - hence the problem with the software. I'll bet if you return your truck to stock it'll shift beautifully. I proved this theory by doing that and by installing an edge programmer in my truck. In both instances it shifted like a dream, load the smarty software back and it shifts like you describe - đź’© I'm keeping fingers crossed that they resolve this quickly, Rob has given a ton of information to them about what he's seen and I know both of us are really ready to get this addressed - it can't be good on the trucks, and is overall a crap driving experience especially when towing which is primarily what I do. Keep checking back and fingers crossed here soon we'll see an update that fixes it! Other than that congrats on truck, trans, and programmer!
  11. jwissler10

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    That is exactly it. no matter what the value entered is if over 20% throttle it shifts at 50. Adjusting the numbers I can get it to do the 3-4 shift, unlock then lock again, or 3-4 locked and unlock based on load and speed but hold 4th. The shift happens regardless which is super annoying, and if it does downshift it tries to immediately upshift so towing its a constant 4-3, 3-4 over and over. BTW just to be clear the 3-4 shift in a 48re is electronic not mechanical like the 1-2 and 2-3. I'm sure you gents already knew that but when talking about line pressure and all that it doesn't make the 3-4 shift that we're fighting thats all electronics and programming. This is hopefully what Brian and the engineers at Smarty are clearing up for us right now!
  12. jwissler10

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Haha, I agree with Rob! That's a late night, or really early morning! Rob, I just did a new pull of stock file and it's in the root folder on the sd card. ProgProt.txt
  13. jwissler10

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    This is definitely something with Smarty software. I recently stripped out the smarty tune, disconnected my smarty touch and plugged in a Banks programmer. Truck showed increased HP/TQ and shifted perfectly! I have a friend with an Edge, his truck shifts perfectly also - his is an 05. I have an additional friend with an 05 that I talked into Smarty Touch and his truck shifts at 50mph like mine and he hates it. Multiple times has said he's gonna throw it in the garbage... This is causing people to walk away from MADS stuff, I'm considering it myself and have bought 3. It's time to get it fixed how can we help? @Brian
  14. jwissler10

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Hey Rob, I’m sorry for your frustration! I prob haven’t been communicating very well on here because I knew that UDC isn’t the only thing that’s changing the shift parameters. I’m not comfortable enough with my programming to adjust injection events, and I use my truck for towing camper or equipment. So, I bought the smarty to replace a banks (chip vs programmer) and did a bunch of research before I did. when I first installed smarty years ago, just after the touch was released it didn’t change the shift pattern, I added hp with the revo tunes and it was all good! I don’t know exactly when but sometime not far after, maybe when licensing changed, during an update the transmission shifting changed. I couldn’t ever get an explanation on why so bought udc pro because I thought I could program around it = nonluck. if I put my truck to stock it shifts perfectly. T/h on works perfectly, holds gears how it should and doesn’t shift into 4lock until 55-60 instead of the 50 it does with programming - not udc programming but the Revo smarty programming. i believe the issue is in the SmartyTouch software and how it communicates with the truck during programming... i can prove this over over and over, stock vs loading a revo tune or even loading the tune I think you sent me as an example months ago-no added hp settings just gov solenoid and shift point adjustments. if this still doesn’t make sense I’m happy to chat with you on the phone, I would LOVE to give smarty enough info to fix the issue, that’s about the only thing I hate about my truck and have thrown some serious money. In transmission work and computer work trying to fix, and all it prob is, is a little software bug in the smartytouch! Haha, anyway hope we can figure this out!
  15. I've been posting about this for months. If I go back to stock my transmission shifts perfect. If I add any tune it only shifts based on my parameters if less than 20% throttle, after that it always upshifts to 4. I've posted numerous times about it. I have an 05 so not sure if it happens on an 06... My guess is that the tables are unique for 05 transmissions in the trucks and the programmer is looking for and writing to tables from 04.5-07 which have different transmissions. That or there some bug in the way it's writing to tables because it definitely changes the stock transmission shift points when doing any write. I experience this with basic Revo tunes. If I add any tune at all it HAS to change the transmission shift parameters and it always has the functionality you describe Rob. The other thing that has never worked is the parameter T/H OD Off under engine/misc. That would help solve part of my problem and I could deal with the bad mapping if I could lock out OD all together and just run 3rd locked for towing heavy loads. Whether set to On or Off the truck shifts the same. I did have Dodge set this with their computer, with smarty returned to stock. It worked great, as soon as I added a tune back it wiped it out... Great way to burn $200 in 30seconds.