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  1. I recently upgraded my stock injectors to Dynomite diesel 75 horse taking the truck home from the repair shop I was impressed with improved performance, so I expected a bit better with the addition of the catcher software, WOW was I impressed. so I had to show my grandson the performance he is 20-21 and also has a dodge truck similar to mine 98 dodge ram 2500 5.9l 24v so here is what happened I set it to 5, tuner I mean, and went to a long straight stretch of clear road, and stomped on the throttle, there was bout a half second delay, and she reared like a tiger getting set to chase a prey, farted a huge cloud of blowing coal, it then (katy bar the door) she took off like a rocket launch with tires squealing, and blood in her eye to kill the prey, the turbo kicked in and the launch was on, my grin was door to door wide and I could swear the back of my head touched the rear window , I got to 60 so fast it totally blew my mind, I'm not used to this old dog running like a cheetah. so now I have to keep my foot out of it so nothing breaks on my 20 year old girl LOL love the new injectors and the banks tuner.
  2. sgopus

    unable to get windows 10 to see smarty

    never mind my post I can talk to the device, I just forgot how. but the problem with the ABS system still exists, thanks so much for your time, I have the truck in the shop now, getting those injectors installed.
  3. I've been trying for quite some time to get smarty and windows 10 pro to see each other, but windows just ignores the device, manually adding devices drivers doesn't work either, as the hardware scanner just will not see the device, so I need someone to set me thru the process, just in case there is a new software update or performance package I can download for my smarty, I'm having 75 horse injectors swapped in and rebuilding the turbo, so I want to be sure and take advantage of these new performance products being installed on my truck, also the smarty will not talk to my ABS system to program for larger tires to get a correct speedometer reading, any suggestions, no errors onboard the vehicle with ABS, so I'm stumped
  4. sgopus

    upgrading from a handheld unit

    I can understand not buying back older units, but how us sending in oour older units and you giveing a discount on purchasiing a newer touch unit.
  5. sgopus

    upgrading from a handheld unit

    I can understand not purchasing back older units, but how bout something like this, we send back our old units and you give a discount on purchasing a newer touch unit.
  6. Just wondering if you have a program to help owners of the handheld units to get a touch unit, so we can download data from the touch unit, and other useful custom tunes. etc
  7. Thanks for your help.
  8. I was under the understanding that I could download data from the handheld and view it on my pc, so your saying unless it's a professional unit I can't do that, or compatable with custom tuning, reading the manual, I get the impression that it's capable of doing that, guess my learning curve is still at the bottom, thanks for your time.
  9. Here are the errors it gives me. Smarty model was not detected The smarty probably does not have the UDC firmware The smarty software versions compatable with SmartyUDCsw have the prefix"U:". To verify the software version installed, connect the Smarty and during startup read the bottom row at right position. {E,4002,W.2007} Another box says To continue with the update select your smarty model in the corresponding combo box. {I,4001}
  10. well it updated the handheld unit, but still the smarty software says the device is not there, when I attempt to read data from it.
  11. I did it agian just to be sure I was following instructions and it finally found it. yay
  12. Thanks I've watched the video and followed all the instructions, up to the send, when I hit send it says device not found.
  13. my computer see's the device as a serial converter, but the smarty pc software doesn't see it at all, some suggestions please