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    Hello all- I just finished updating my old S06 to the newest S06-POD REVO (thanks Brian for help there!) Wondering a few things. What do you guys use for daily driver? Here is what my truck has: PPE duel fueler, FASS, headwork done to increase intake and exhaust about 25%, fire ringed, ATS 2 pc exhaust manifold, Banks intake horn, S&B intake, Mangnaflow muffler, larger downpipe, full billet trans (input/output/reverse servo/flexplate), DTT Shift Enhanser, EGT/turbo?trans temp gauges, Phat Shaft turbo. So it's beefed up pretty well. I enjoy performance, but also need mileage increases. It's also a daily driver so I need reliability. Questions: Does Phat Shaft need/want waste gate off function? What timing to change to, or just use stock odd # programs? Rail Pressure :No RP gauge yet, what setting is best to use? Finally, do most of you upload the highest catcher sw and then back the power down w POD? If not, what sw and POD level? If so, what POD level do you back down to? I know a lot of this is user defined, but I'm just curious where to start. Fianlly finally ( ) what do you use for towing? I tow a 8000 lb travel trailer so curious what's best for that. I do have a valve body and Shift Enhanser gets set to towing when pulling. THANKS for the info. New to Smarty and this forum is helping tremendously! Jerry
  2. Detroitfire

    What tunes do I have and how do I best use my Smarty?

    Excellent, thanks! I don't suppose there is a mount for the Smarty, or perhaps as mallee remote unit planned for the future for pod control?
  3. Detroitfire

    What tunes do I have and how do I best use my Smarty?

    Surely. Do I need to select a program to upgrade to? I'd go to the pod, but not sure if TNT or not? Also, do I have to have programmer plugged in while using pod programs, or only if I want to adjust power?
  4. Detroitfire

    What tunes do I have and how do I best use my Smarty?

    I plugged mine in and see 4.16A D:R57TR. I don't see that listed as a software to tell if I have TNT or not?
  5. Again thanks Brian! Just a quick question, will if need to upload the Udc program, then update my software (whether s06 or TNT) and then update the pod too?
  6. Detroitfire

    What tunes do I have and how do I best use my Smarty?

    Awesome thanks. I was just looking at the site and saw the old help file, and then the new one with the Udc. So I'll be doing Udc and updating soon.
  7. Is the pod update a simple plug and upload? I asked on another thread so I'm sure you'll update that one, but it's just a software upgrade? What if my s06 is upgraded to TNT?
  8. Detroitfire

    What tunes do I have and how do I best use my Smarty?

    I'm not seeing how to tell if my unit is still upgraded to the TNT by looking at it though. I do have the "adjust options" selection on the unit, so does that mean it's TNT? Just want to know what programs I have so I know which catcher to choose. And If it is TNT, is there a place to see all the actual ratings? On both the link you provided, and the sheet I have, I says 100hp-240hp, but doesn't outline each one. Final question, how do I choose and get the unit to update? I know I use a standard printer cable, but what is the process for choosing the correct program and actually uploading it to my unit? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys- I wondering if you guys can shed some light on my programmer. Per the box, it's a Smarty CR. I know it was upgraded to the TNT tunes, but there is a possibility it got set back to stock. I'm wondering how to tell which tunes I have. Also, there is a stock list of the 9 or so tunes it has/had. If I do indeed have the TNT version, how do I get a list of what the tunes are? Ont he stock list of tunes, it shows a tune w hp, and then a hp w added timing. What exactly does the additional timing do? I think I'm reading that with all the upgrades I have I should use the tunes with timing added, but not sure what it really does. Lastly, I tow a 8000 lb camper quite a bit. What tunes are best used for this? I do have the standard EGT, turbo and trans temp gauges to watch. I also have a dtt shift enhanser. Just curious what all this tuner does and how it's best used for me. Sorry for so many questions, but thanks in advance for any help. Jerry __________________ 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Phat Shaft turbo, Banks intercooler, intake and exhaust manifolds, full billet trans w billet input, output and reverse servo, Smarty tuner, head work (increased intake and exhaust around 25%), head studs and fire ringed, PPE dual fueler, DTT shift enhanser and FASS.
  10. Detroitfire

    Help with Smarty please!

    Cleared with key starts, thanks!
  11. Hello there - I have an 05 RM w 5.9 Cummins. The truck was my late fathers and came with the programmer. I went to set it to stock fore the winter and was getting the 42 error. After unplugging all aftermarket fuses, it almost completed update and failed with 42 again. I googled some info and found that unplugging the fuel pump relay and abs fuses is advised (that relay and another, I think for FASS) we're clicking when it failed the update. So, I unplugged the oem relay for the fuel pump and the 2 abs fuses, and it successfully installed back to stock. The truck starts right up and such, however now the abs and parking brake dash lights are lit. I haven't driven It yet to see if brakes are working ok, but wondering what I need to do to get rid of this issue. Prompt help is appreciated, as I'm at work and wan am ale sure it's good to drive home int eh morning. Thanks!