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  1. Robert


    Hi, I also have an 03' HO with new trans, HD TC, S&B air, 6" lift wit 47" tires and an extra 45 g fuel tank. I have calibrated the ABS (speedo/tires) with GPS. I have used SW#3 and SW#5 and didnt like the power on #3 and I didnt like the puffs of smoke on #5 For the past couple weeks, I have been running SW7, TQ2 commuting to/from work, I put POD on 80 to keep my foot in check. So for I notice nice power and no smoke. ~56mi/day at ~80 minutes drive time due to in stop and go traffic. ~90% freeway Average on Trip computer is also avg 18mpg. I do get between 25-26mpg without the traffic if I stay at 65mph @1700rpm and drops as I get to 70-75 to ~21mpg. For towing, I'll drop back down to SW3 TQ1 (towing ~10k 5W) - Not tested yet... Before the touch, I had a stage III Dr Performance pressure box prior to the touch which probably is what cost me my orig tranny after ~8yrs of use. Overall, I think the SM Touch just gives you more options when your ready to beef things up..
  2. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Thanks guys. Duly noted. I also need to update my Smarty Touch to the latest and greatest SW release.
  3. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Thank you for the info. I remember reading about the timing but must have forgotten. I do see less smoke with timing 2 so it must be a good thing. So how does the timing 2 relate to stock? Wouldn't it be like stock, timing 3, timing 2, timing 1?
  4. Robert

    Smarty Jr. Settings

    I have the Touch. How do I use it to lock out OD?
  5. Robert

    Smarty Jr. Settings

    I was thinking of using a mystery switch for this purpose. http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/3rd-gen-powertrain/107415-3rd-gen-mystery-switch-diy-works-great.html
  6. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Yes, as soon as I opened the box, I updated the firmware to 2.0. Then I connected it up and loaded SW3. I think that I was looking for the Trans Sump Temp under Temperature when I recently found it under the Transmission category. May have been there all along?
  7. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    It appears that you think that I loaded a SW and then updated the firmware and the PID magically appeared which is not the case. Can you please answer this so that I can understand what you are saying (no disrespect intended)...
  8. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

  9. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Confirmed. 2.00 Calibration: 12305053AJ 2003.5 (S)
  10. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Its 2.0 but i'll need to go check the exact version
  11. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Yes, it appears to be legit. Now I am afraid to change the program for fear of loosing the PID. I'll let you know how it plays out. Can you please pass this on to the Dev team though? Thanks in advance
  12. Robert

    Smarty touch gauges.

    Okay, I'm confused... So I have been bit#*in in the past to Brian about the lack of a trans temp gauge for my 2003 HO and since my last post, have been running with SW5 for about 4 weeks now. Today, I decided to increase the timing to 2. So I started the update with the engine running (bad idea, I know) and the smarty touch failed to load. So I shut it down and the smarty went ahead and recovered with the new timing setting. Then I looked at the gauges and wanted to change IAT gauge. When I looked under temperature, I now saw "TRANS SUMP"....... Did my touch mysteriously get updated via some UFO during the night? Brian, et al Can you please explain?
  13. Robert

    Couple of Q's

    Great advice. Thank you very much. You may have saved me some $$ here.
  14. Robert

    Smarty News

    Thank you Brian for the quick reply.. Cheers!
  15. Robert

    Smarty News

    Brian, Just wondering why the above News Link does not match the http://www.smartyresource.com/smartytunernews.aspx link? Maybe redirect the link to your aforementioned URL?