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  1. Recovery help

    Hello everyone, Smarty resource staff members. I have tried for the past week or maybe a little more to reply on the topic I created when I paid for the recovery file. I just now noticed that it was reported resolved. Or it says the status is resolved. I am going tomorrow to a salvage yard to get the obd2 pigtail to hopefully get this new ecm flashed to my pickup. How can I go about getting the new recovery file you guys setup for me? Will you reopen the topic or do I have to pay again?
  2. Smarty won’t communicate!

    SOOOOO i was right. It was the high idle. I’m not dumb after all. Or I still am cause I have the smarty on level 8 and the quadzilla on level 4. Runs good I thought.
  3. Smarty won’t communicate!

    I think it is an option. But I won’t run both programmers on timing tunes. I will shut if timing via quadzilka or smarty. Whichever I decide I want to do. Probably leave timing in quadzilka and use even number times on smarty. Low end torque will be insane. Too end will be decreased as a quadzilka by itself can make more power.
  4. Smarty won’t communicate!

    After turning of high idle on the quadzilka the truck no longer shuts off. I am going to ship off the quadzilka to be updated to the v2 software.
  5. Smarty won’t communicate!

    Well, it never did that with just the quadzilla in the truck. And it doesn’t do that with just the smarty on the truck. Also, after I turned off the high idle in the quadzilla it hasn’t done it since. So process of elimination points to the smarty have a safety protocol and shutting the truck off whenever it sees higher rpm without throttle. I’m not a smart guy but I would think that I figured that one out after it left me stranded at 2 stop lights😂
  6. Smarty won’t communicate!

    I’ll get back on here whenever I get a new connector and splice it in and let you know what I figure out. Thanks for the help! Also I had the high idle on the quadzilka turned in and if it’s in stock it’ll go into it after 15seconds and the smarty shut the truck off on me twice because it thought the truck was over fueling haha
  7. Smarty won’t communicate!

    Also, the abs setting says ccd error 93. Everything else works fine. I put my abs fuse back in but maybe there is an abs sensor or something I’m missing?
  8. Smarty won’t communicate!

    The quadzilka Adrenaline is a 180hp/420ft-lb programmer while the smarty is a 65hp/175lb-lb gain? Or somewhere around that? Why wouldn’t the quadzilka offer more power? I turned the smarty to level 8 a second ago. While it was on level 9/9 it felt like I had my quadzilka on level 3/10 or 4/10. Am I imagining this? I might be cause I’m just so happy that I got the smarty working!
  9. Smarty won’t communicate!

    GOT it! I messed up the pins in my obd port so I will have to go to a salvage yard to get a new connector to splice in. I rounded the pin Holes with my volt meter. I am so happy right now! I have to have the smarty smashed I rock the port perfectly firm it to program but I put level 9 on. I will run the smarty on even numbers if I decide to use the quadzilka for more power on top. Thank you so much! BTW It was the IOD fuse with the black cover over it. The end was tarnished and wasn’t make solid connection. My batteries read 12.59 now! I pooped my pants whenever I seen the sw:stock come up
  10. Smarty won’t communicate!

    No it is just key on and off
  11. Smarty won’t communicate!

    I have set the quadzilka back to level 0(stock) and unhooked my airdog, quadzilka, and abs fuse, I am diagnosing the oroblem with the 1998.5 ecm in it. I haven’t hooked the 2992 ecm uo to it in 2 months cause it runs like trash with it in there and not flashed to work on the 1998.5.
  12. Smarty won’t communicate!

    It’s the quadzilka adrenaline with iquad* it taps the pump and uses the map sensor.
  13. Smarty won’t communicate!

    Pin 16 to 4 is 12.41 Pin 16 to 5 is 12.41 pin 7 is pink with dark blue line pin 14 is white with purple stripe the quadzilka is the quadzilla w/iquad. I thought I purchased a quadzilka v2 but turns out I got sent the old v1 platform. I am going to ship it to quadzilka to have them update it to v2 eventually.
  14. Smarty won’t communicate!

    It didn’t communicate before I put it on there. And while I tried to use the recovery file I had airdog and everything else I hooked but I’ll do it again.
  15. Smarty won’t communicate!

    Yes the truck runs on both ecm. It will jerk and jive in first start up with the 2002 but then smooths our and will lope hard when I try to move it. But it runs fine on the 1998.5 ecm. I deleted my grid heater, I’ll unhook the fuse for my airdog, I’ll also unhook my quadzilla programmer(which I bought cause the smarty wouldn’t work) and I’ll test those pins. Thank you for helping!