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  1. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Strange deal as that has always been on 03/04.
  2. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Ah, says right on top 2004.0. That is why. No rt on 03 early 04. You stated you had before which was confusing. Shouldnt have seen if not available. Hope that helps. Thank you Brian
  3. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Would you please place this information into a support ticket above? We are discussing a solution and may want to try a few things and will need further information. Thank you!
  4. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Please check your ComMod connections. Thank you! Brian
  5. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Please update to our newest software version. Thank you! https://smartyresource.com/files/category/10-smarty-touch/
  6. Brian

    RT Menu Greyed Out on 2004.0

    Hi Rodolfo, Which version are you running? Thank you!
  7. Brian

    DTC P0630 when returning to Stock setting

    Thank you Kim! I will visit with you on the ticket.
  8. Brian

    DTC P0630 when returning to Stock setting

    Hi Kim, I searched and found your invoice but am not seeing your support ticket. Which number? I need that ticket which has the form for your truck info. Thank you much! Brian
  9. Brian

    DTC P0630 when returning to Stock setting

    Hi Kim, I will grab your ticket. I've used the JR on SW 3 and noticed less egt than stock so you using SW 2 since you have the 48re auto trans, you should be good to go. Also less egt than stock. Use default/Greatest timing. If your 48re equipped truck was mine, SW 2 and greatest timing, those are the settings I would be running. I will visit soon on the ticket. Thank you Kim! Brian
  10. . Greetings all. Today we release a new update for you. Please check our downloads tab above for this new release which you should see shortly. Thank you! Brian . SMARTY Touch Firmware: 2.2.9 (min. requirement for UDC Pro RT software, includes the new VIN # lock policy) Tuning database: DRST008B years: from 1998.5 to 2018 NEWS: Description of software updates Jul. 11, 2018 - Software release Smarty Touch: Cruise control max road speed set to 250 mph for all MY and non-responsive pedal fix for 6.7L CR trucks MY 2013 - 2018.
  11. Thank you to Rob D for building our instructional video. This is a great value to those doing their updates to our new releases. Thank you! Brian
  12. Perfect. Indeed the latest release has a lot of good additions, Thank you much
  13. Good evening, The number on the left is the correct box serial. Indeed we have had issues with unauthorized amazon and ebay sellers removing or covering up real serials with the fake numbers. If you can please plug in, then you will have access to the number on the info screen as well. Thank you much! Brian
  14. Brian

    JR6.7 pd601

    If an ecm or connection issue I would not expect it to.
  15. Brian

    JR6.7 pd601

    If ecm is bad, you are correct. will not load.