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  1. Good morning! Per policy we recommend sw 3 for a stock auto and sw 5 for a stock clutched manual. If you have driving habits which allow you to drive with trans health in mind one may get away with using a higher sw level. The greatest timing is what I prefer due to increased efficiency and mpg with a lowering of egt. The timing settings vary by the year of truck as you can view on our adjustment guide on our comprehensive manual. Thank you! Brian
  2. Recovery help

    Good morning Waydin, I would advise that you assure you have grabbed your recovery from this ticket as it is due to automatically be resolved again. The ticket and file will disappear. Thank you! Brian
  3. Recovery help

    Hi Waydin, I searched out and finally found your ticket and have placed it back to open for you so you may grab your file. Thank you! Brian
  4. Recovery help

    Hi Waydin, You did not save to your computer? You should have received a notification that the ticket was ready to auto resolve. I will search it out and see if I am able to find for you. There is a lot to go thru. I will let you know when I find.
  5. 2017 Settings

    Good afternoon Justin! The higher the SW setting the better for mpg. Greatest timing is the key. Someone with a newer truck should pop in to share their results as well.
  6. USBDriverinstallation.pdf

    Windows 10 works with no issues Steve
  7. Error 70009 During Recovery

    Good morning, Please reformat and update your card. Lets see if that helps. Thank you!
  8. Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Yesterday was a long day. :) It has been really busy over here and that is a good thing.
  9. Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Good morning! Gian asks that you please provide the ProgProx.txt . ''I need from these gentlemen the ProgProt.txt and in case they tuned the truck with an UDC Pro file, that file.'' Thank you Gents!
  10. Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Thank you Gentlemen! I've already sent your information right to Gian. Your help is very much appreciated. Brian
  11. On DNS non stop since 6-16-16. Multiple times prior. View full record
  12. Zennith Performance

    On DNS non stop since 6-16-16. Multiple times prior.
  13. I  bought a smarty touch in 2015 and had it a 02 and it got  total and I was  wondering if I could put it in my new 2017 and what all I have to do to do that

    1. Bchappy01
    2. Brian




      Sorry for late response as this is not in my PM box so I did not see the notification. PM or tickets work quicker.

      Indeed the Touch works in all Dodge Cummins trucks from 98.5 thru 2018 models.


      For the 13 plus trucks, all one needs to do is utilize a ComMod which you can view on our store site on the tab above. The ComMod allows one to unlock the ecm of the 13 + truck and also allows Real Time tuning on the fly. To place the used unit onto the new truck you would need a vin license assigned for the new truck. You would be able to grab that thru our support ticket system by designating the ticket as "Vin License".


      Please give me a heads up and I will watch for your ticket.


      Thank you!




    3. Bchappy01


      What all do I need to do because it was in a 2002 and now I have a 2017 and what would it cost

  14. Hi Aaron, Which version are you running? Please update to the newest found on our downloads page! Thank you!