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  1. Brian, I need help with an EVIC error message that won't clear..  There are no drivability issues, just the annoying Exhaust Service Required See Dealer Now error message. 

    On the Dodge Cummins Diesel forums you were very helpful with gathering info and getting resolutions for some of the oddball glitches that some users had.   


    1. Brian


      Good morning Bob!


      Which model tuner and which software version do you have installed? Year of truck? Which modifications?


      Thank you Bob!




    2. boblamp


      Thanks Brian.

      I attached the PDF file of the Smarty Assistance Module. 

      I'm running a 2012 Laramie Crew Cab long bed single rear wheel with automatic trans..  VIN 3C63D3JL5CG231320

      The Tuner is the S67  s/n S67A12007326

      Currently I am running software Version V:6.50G D:RM01L 

      I was running the "N" tune, returned to stock and tried installing some of the older tunes including the "K" tune without any luck clearing the error.   

      Modifications are pretty basic, nothing radical.  Sinister 4" turbo back exhaust and Sinister EGR delete.  Edge CTS monitor with pyro.


      My neighbor is a full time mechanic, we tried clearing the error with most current Snap On reader with no luck.  Seems to be hard coded into the EVIC section.  There are no drivability issues, no limp mode, and the remote start works fine.  Just the dumb error code on the dash.


      Thanks for your help Brian

      Smarty AssistanceModule.pdf