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  1. Unlock codes are pretty easy. Go to "Config tools" on the main menu, "Unlock codes" is the next screen (key needs to be on to show up), then go to "Request Unlock Codes". It will ask about the various options depending on the update you have installed. In most cases this will be +1 LIC, +2 LIC and +3 LIC. Could also be TNT/SSR, but those went away when we put out 1.1.5 You hit "order now", and the screen tells you where to email it and the name of the file we need. You need to place this file onto the support ticket. Click the support tab up in the nav bar. Thank you!
  2. Brian

    Error Unknown Software

    Please update to the latest software found above in our downloads area. Smarty softwares are US street legal only... Thank you! Brian
  3. Howdy, Just a simple printer cord will do the trick. PC will do the trick. Thank you
  4. Brian

    Unlock Codes, Vin License, SSR, TNT-r

    the latest listing for errors. We have no 70004 in our listings.
  5. Brian

    Unlock Codes, Vin License, SSR, TNT-r

    fyi Brandon, TNT-r will not work with a VP.
  6. Brian

    Unlock Codes, Vin License, SSR, TNT-r

    1.1.2 is the one you would need for the TNT-r. 👍
  7. SMARTY_Touch_INIT_2016-03-03_08-00.zip View File SMARTY Touch Firmware: 1.1.1 Tuning database: DRST003F Years: from 1998.5 to 2016 Installation notes: Uncompress the file and copy its contents to the root of the SD card and insert it back into the SMARTY Touch. Then the easiest ways to update the Smarty Touch system are these: 1) Restart the monitor by unplugging the micro USB cable and then reconnect it. At this point the update procedure will start automatically. 2) It is always possible to use the manual update feature in the config tools menu. (“Firmware Update”). Submitter Brian Submitted 07/05/2017 Category Smarty Touch  
  8. Brian


    Hi cbarry, Smarty does not allow that function. Thank you! Brian
  9. Brian

    DTC error 17143 on 1998.5 cummins.

    Received word. There was an error (timeout) reading the DTCs from the PCM.  Retry. Thank you
  10. Brian

    DTC error 17143 on 1998.5 cummins.

    no response from Adam as of yet. Perhaps tomorrow. I wish I had the listing of any additional error codes that are not placed up by the staff. soon i expect manuals to be written......
  11. Brian


    The first route i would go is I would have the gent unlock the tuner as that would be the simplest for you Let me know if i may assist further
  12. Brian

    DTC error 17143 on 1998.5 cummins.

    Still awaiting a response from them. All we have so far is the codes listed in our articles page.
  13. Brian

    DTC error 17143 on 1998.5 cummins.

    sent a request to Bill and Adam so hope to hear back soon as they should be in the office soon.
  14. Brian


    Some throw on the safety glasses and have someone start the truck to blow the chips out when drilling. Some place a board over the exhaust tip to add backpressure to bolow the chips out when drilling. When tapping that gets a bit warm, so graduate to the vaseline to use to collect chips when tapping. Magnent on a stick to finish up the clean out.
  15. Brian

    DTC error 17143 on 1998.5 cummins.

    Goid evening. We do not have that error code in our listing. I will seek an answer. Thank you.
  16. Brian

    timing diffence

    This should assist. https://smartyresource.com/articles.htm/smarty-information/smarty-touch/ Thank you
  17. Brian

    smarty touch

    Adam has placed a guide up to assist. It is waiting ofr him to finish however but is a start.
  18. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    Yep, ending in 73AB
  19. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    If i can stay awake ill go down to the office and fly that baby your way.
  20. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    I would expect we can have that back by 2 am ish. Thank you!
  21. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    Thank you Firedog
  22. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    If you would like a call back you can hang out and they will get to you. If you would like quicker service please contact me on the support ticket and I will jump right up and grab your info and get the ball rolling. Thank you! Brian
  23. Brian

    Urgent help — unk software error

    Indeed with the support ticket you will find a lot easier and quicker than utilizing the land line. Our ringer is on high and phones are being answered constantly. Please have patience if you choose to call. Leave a voice mail and you will get a call back in a timely manner. Meanwhile, please feel free to make a support ticket and designate as "Recovery" in the department line. Thank you! Brian