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  1. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

  2. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

    Brian, Can I use my Smarty J06 in timing mode at #3 or #4 to reduce the smoke on take off & cold engine running with my BBI's? Right now, that's where I notice it smoking under normal driving and when I get on it of course. After the big investment I don't have the $ for the UDC dongle & update for my J06. Just Curious
  3. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

    Brian, I got the BBI Stage 1's, fuel tubes, overhead, & Edge Insight CS2 installed on my days off. All I can say is WOW!!!!! This is NOT the same truck! It idles super smooth, considerably quieter, & smoother running! I would definitely recommend new BBI's if someone is in the market for new Injectors! Also, Martin is awesome to work with at BBI! He always had a quick response to any questions I had on his product. ??
  4. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

    Wow! I found the info on the UDC! I had no idea you guys were doing this and by reading the info, made it so easy to adjust your tune. Do you have any example UDC's with a similar setup to my truck?
  5. Whistler 07

    Smarty J06 5.9 & 4wd

    I will keep you posted with what I find as I find things out myself. It's always good to pass on weird problem info.
  6. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

    Brian, I found a link to explain the UDC on one of your past posts, but it doesn't work anymore. I noticed with the Smarty Website that the BBi info isn't working either. But I ordered some after getting ahold of Martin at BBi to answer my questions. Just FYI.
  7. Whistler 07

    J06 5.9 & BBi stage 1?

    Brian, thanks for the reply! UDC, What's that? I can't find that on the Smarty website. Would you please let me in on some info or a link. Thanks!
  8. Whistler 07

    Smarty J06 5.9 & 4wd

    Brian, Yes, it is an electric shift transfer case. I can't remember what the actual code number was, but it is always the rear diff speed sensor. I have pulled it and inspected it along with replacing the sensor all together and it will still set the same code. I have one place I ride snowmobiles here in Idaho & it sets that code every time with or without a trailer. I will have to scan & write it down to update you. I'm sure, if your like me. I would like to know because it's something different. Thanks!
  9. I'm new to the forum and need some info for setting my J06 with BBI Stage 1's. I have a 2007 5.9 6 speed w/ 8" lift on 37's. It has been regeared to run stock RPM with this setup. I have 5" exhaust, AFE intake, stock turbo, & Smarty Jr. I just ordered some BBI Stage 1's & fuel supply tubes today and trying to line out what I should do for tuning when I get them installed. Any advice on a starting point on the tuner would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I have a weird question for you. I have a 2007 2500 5.9 w/6 speed manual, Rize 8" lift & 37" tires. It has been regeared to run stock RPM, but when I run sw2 or sw3 and run 4,5 or 6th gear. If it lugs (1200-1500 RPM) in these settings on any hills, It beeps, sets the brake & ABS light and will not let you use 4wd. I have made some adjustments and made it better, but I have learned to live with it and carry the tuner to clear the codes, so I can use 4wd again. Have you seen this before & is it a safety built into the tuner to keep me from damaging my truck?