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  1. Joshuatree697

    Udc pro rt cable touch

    Bryan how did you like the udc tunes and who did you have write them for you ?
  2. Joshuatree697

    Tnt r downloads

    Thanks Brian for the reply. I've spent so much money on other things latey that I cannot afford to get udc programing right now or I would. That will be soon as I can. With that being said have downloaded the 1.1.2 and copy and pasted it to my card but that's as Far as I've gotten. Can you help me further please or point me in the right direction thanks
  3. Joshuatree697

    Tnt r downloads

  4. Joshuatree697

    Tnt r downloads

    In having problems with doing the download and updating on my smarty s2. I want the tnt downloads. I downloaded the files that I needed I thought. My touch is running 2.0 don't I have to change please help I need the downloads and install help