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  1. Banks diesel tuner showed sighs of failing, producing intermittent stumbles that got worse.  Sorry to see it go, as many pertinent data inputs were available.  Removed same.


    2018-04-16:  Had Smarty Touch ordered & installed.  Paid $1,000+, incl. extra module to read EGT thermocouple. Truck seems to run great, stumbling gone, but NO TRANSMISSION DATA!?!?!  Whaaaat?   ...and the displayed numerical data is terribly distracting with the decimal fractional portion constantly changing, even with "SLOW" data update selected!    ARRRGH.


    EGT & transmission temperature are the most important pieces of operational data we need pulling the RV over hill & dale.  I'm devastated.  Never thought a 14 year newer product, touted by many, provided such limited operational engine/transmission information.  Leaving FL in 13 days & feeling distraught.