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  1. dixon700

    Opinions on best tune

    I should mention I've talked to a few tuners that prefer udc pro tuning on a touch/mm3/race me ultra over hp tuners. There is also a good set of gauges on any of those monitors.
  2. dixon700

    '18 tuning

    I hear you there, that's what I think. The dang sticker on my truck was 68,800. So the fear of losing the warranty on that truck is 😬.
  3. dixon700

    '18 tuning

    😢, Stock is boring, but a 5yr 100k bumper to bumper warranty is not something I want to void.
  4. dixon700

    Opinions on best tune

    Gordon at innovative diesel made great udc pro tunes for my 04.5 get a comm mod than you can switch on the fly. Udc pro tunes are just as capable as hp tuners.
  5. dixon700

    '18 tuning

    I've never tuned my '18. I wanted to see if anyone has tested how discoverable tuning is on these brand new trucks. According to my dealer if the trucks in their shop and they work on it, that it's unavoidable that ram knows it's been tuned or deleted and returned to stock. Has anyone tuned a '18 and taken it into the dealer for warranty work?
  6. dixon700

    '18 tuning

    I'm not sure, because on the side he sells tuners and aftermarket parts. Why would he make sure to tell me to leave it stock for warranty if he could make more $? I know the '18 have a little tattle tell black box for accidents and such that records speed and if the vehicle was braking or whatever.
  7. I guess the biggest thing is, is a mm3 fully undetectable if you leave emissions in tact? I just got an '18 with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty I don't want to void. Owner of the dealership said the new trucks automatically send out to Detroit if they've ever been tuned or deleted once the truck hits the shops wifi... 😱
  8. dixon700

    Ecm tuning error

    Is it when you try to go to a UDC pro tune? I found after I return truck to factory tune I load a Revo tune then the udc pro tune and I don't have any issues then.
  9. dixon700

    Ssr setting for heavily modded 5.9

    Many people prefer UDC pro to HP tuners and even EFI live. Plus smarty is constantly adding new things. Everyone else seemed to have given up on older trucks. Gordon at innovative made something like 60hp more on UDC pro vs efilive on his personal truck.
  10. dixon700

    Switch on the fly questions.

    http://i603.photobucket.com/albums/tt118/02elantragt/IMG_20170712_023200165_zpsmjdkv2v1.jpg Race tune was too much for that intercooler boot... I got an even hotter race tune in my email since it still had some left in it.
  11. dixon700

    Ssr setting for heavily modded 5.9

    It's been a while since I ran an SSR tune, but keep rail settings to less than 5 low and high and timing I ran 20 low 38 high I think, then duration 16 and 36. I think that was one of the later tunes I ran. My 10.6 cp3 always out supplied demanded rail. A touch and UDC pro tune would be a great decision.
  12. dixon700

    Switch on the fly questions.

    All good information to know. My personal UDC basic tunes we're erratic and hot and smoky next to the pro tunes I got from Gordon so idk if I'll try any more of my personal tuning. It's just good to have as much information and knowledge about it as possible. The race tune is cooler than my udc basic tunes were and today I smoked the 37's pretty heavy at 50mph. So much cleaner smoother tunes is a plus. Next thing I gotta play with is the data logging.
  13. dixon700

    Touch speedometer

    I haven't tried having the digital speedometer with the analog together. When I was on 1.1.1 I tried both analog and digital, but not side by side. The smarty analog or digital speedometer both stay at 120 like the factory speedometer, none if them go past 120. I'll try the digital next to the analog and then try default settings on them both.
  14. Get a mm3 and get some race me ultra delete tunes.
  15. dixon700

    Touch speedometer

    Updated to 1.3.9 and running UDC pro tunes and it still will only read to 120mph. Truck keeps pulling and both stock and touch speedometer stay at 120. So is that a sensor limitation?