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  1. Coaltrain

    Link to BBI Injector Install Guide

    Required Tools & Parts: 1. Ft Lbs Torque Wrench 2. In Lbs Torque Wrench 3. 3/4” or 19mm Open End Wrench 4. 3/8” Drive Ratchet 5. 8mm Socket 6. 10mm Socket 7. 13mm Open End Wrench ( To release #6 injector line guard ) 8. 24mm Shallow Socket 9. Air Intake Horn Gaskets ( 2 ) 10. Valve Cover Gasket ( Optional ) 11. Rocker Housing Gasket ( Optional ) 12. BBI Injector Set 13. Supply Tubes ( 6 ) ( Recommend if over 100,000 miles or contaminants present ) 14. Fuel Filter INJECTOR REMOVAL AND INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUMMINS 5,9 CR-MODELS 2003 UP 1. Disconnect both battery cables from batteries and secure ends. 2. Clean valve cover, rocker housing and cylinder head. Look especially to the fuel lines and retainers on the cylinder head are really clean. Use brake cleaner to perform this step. 3. Remove air horn and put a towel in the open tube coming from the intercooler. 4. Disconnect the engine wiring harness at the 3 (2003-2005) or 2 (2006up) connectors. 5. Remove valve cover 6. Open retainer nut from fuel line coming from CP3 beneath fuel rail. Open return line. Remove all line support brackets and the bolts on the fuel rail. Open all fuel high pressure nuts at cylinder head. Now you can remove the lines and the rail as one part. 7. Remove high pressure connector tubes. No special tools are necessary, they are coming out really easy by prying a little bit. But take care about the threads. 8. Remove the 12 injector harness nuts 9. Remove cylinder head cover gasket with harness. 10. Remove rocker arm assembly. Mark them so you can put them back to their place. Do not merge any rocker assembly parts. Let stay them together. 11. Open the two fuel injector hold down clamps and remove them. 12. With slightly turning the fuel injector from left to right and pulling upward you can remove the injector without special tools. We never used a special tool or had the need to use it. Important trick is to loosen the injector by turning it left and right, then pull it out. 13. Ensure that the little copper sealing washer is on top of the injector. INSTALLING 1. Clean fuel injector bore. Be sure no old copper shim is left in bore. 2. Our injectors are factory completed with copper shims and o-rings, but to be on the safe side, control it once more. 3. Apply a small amount of oil to the o-ring. 4. Install injector into cylinder head with male (high pressure port) connector port facing to the intake manifold. Push down on fuel injector mounting flange to engage o-ring and seat injector. 5. Tightening Sequence from Service Manual: a. Install fuel injector hold down clamp (mounting flange) bolts. Do a preliminary tightening of these bolts to 5 Nm (44 in. lbs) torque. This preliminary tightening insures the fuel injector is seated and centered. b. After tightening, relieve bolt torque, but leave both bolts threaded in place. c. Install high-pressure connector and retaining nut. Do a preliminary tightening to 15Nm (11 ft. lbs) torque. d. Alternately tighten injector hold down bolts to 10Nm (89 in. lbs) torque. e. Do a final tightening of the high-pressure connector and retaining nut. Tighten to 50Nm (37 ft. lbs) torque. 6. Install cylinder head cover gasket with harness. 7. Connect injector solenoid wires and nuts to top of injectors. Tighten connector nuts to 1,25 Nm (11 in. lbs) torque. In this step you have really must be carefully, if you overtighten this nuts the electrical connection is lost and the injector is damaged. 8 Control each pushrod that it correctly hits the tappet 9 Install the rocker arm assembly, tighten to 36 Nm (27ft. lbs) torque 10. Control and adjust valve lash. 11. Install fuel rail with lines and tighten high pressure lines at cylinder head to 30 Nm (22 ft. lbs). High pressure line under rail tighten to 37 Nm (27 ft. lbs) 12. Install valve cover 13. Install air horn and remove towel 14. Connect negative battery cables 15. Have fun with our product. Thank You, Team Big Bang Injection
  2. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    . Here is a link to the sw just copy and replace the files on your sd card with these and then go insert card into monitor and then let the touch update then follow on screen instructions so that the new sw gets transffered to the ecm
  3. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Last thing return to the dashboard and here is what you should see
  4. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Step 5 - Set your ranges on the boost
  5. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Step 4 - find the boost pressure tab
  6. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    This is the latest update you are seeing on mine
  7. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Step 3 - Next find the pressure PID tab
  8. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Step 2- Choose the PID you wish to change
  9. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Step one: Go to the PID Menu
  10. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    I will grab some photos and walk you through it. i will be back shortly with pics
  11. Coaltrain

    BBI Injector Install Guide

    Complete removal and install guide to assist you in getting your new injectors installed. INJECTOR REMOVAL AND INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUMMINS.doc
  12. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    Safe level typically with a truck mostly stock and an automatic to boot nothing over level 3. Typically i will leave the truck on default revo settings and then run 2 tanks of fuel as i typically see an mpg loss on the first tank as the customer is getting used to how the pickup now responds with the additional hp & tq. After the first or second tank they typically get back to normal driving style and i can recommend adjustments for mpg at that point or any other adjustments to the tuning the customer needs depending on what they are feeling in the driveability of the truck. Some want quicker throttle response others less and so on. Just remember to try and change just one thing at a time or if something makes driveability worse you are not sure what to change back to so keep notes and I can assist as much as possible. Make sure a fuel system is top of your list as injectors are expensive and motors are even more so.
  13. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    If Stacking with another timing module you want to run the even numbered smarty settings on non stacked trucks I find majority of them benefit more from the odd numbered sw
  14. Coaltrain

    Help with my touch 2003

    I always run with additional timing as it assists with egts relief as well as fuel economy. Can you do damage yes, but listen to the motor. I have ran all timing settings on the smarty on my own truck and never had a failure due to the timing. Now that being said I did melt 5 pistons stacking 2 timing boxes but that was when I was a noob and did not know any better LOL