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  1. Hey adam I am trying to do a recovery update on my 06 dodge due to I just converted it to standard.

    when the sd card is installed into my smarty touch it says invalid sd card and when I try to write the recovery it comes up with code 70009. I have 1 jump pack on each battery so im thinking it is not voltage related. tried calling multiple times no response. if you could please help me thanks

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    2. Adam


      Is it giving you a specific error when you are trying to load the recovery file?

    3. Jorge Alvarado

      Jorge Alvarado

      how do i update and get the MM3 

    4. Adam


      Hi Jorge, 

      The MM3 is it's own type of tuner, designed for custom tuning exclusively. I would get in touch ith MM3 power for any questions you have there.208 346 7707