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    Need old software

    PM your e-mail address to me and I may be able to provide you some direction on these ME files off line. ME files are not allowed to be posted or distributed through this site for legal reasons.
  2. the.hogman

    jr67me help please

    I'm sure you received the info in the PM, but verify the serial number on the Smarty to be sure it is ME capable. More than one time the Smarty was either locked by VIN or the wrong model. Keep us posted.
  3. the.hogman


    Cool. I have the matching others as well. Thanks!
  4. the.hogman


    There is an "N" tune that is more recent, right? I have this one for deletes for quite some time.
  5. the.hogman

    jr67 problems

    Well we may have found the problem.... Do you have the delete files? You cannot legally get them here. Please PM me your e-mail and I have some info for you.
  6. the.hogman

    jr67 problems

    Hate to ask simple questions but let's start with: do you know for sure that you have a ME delete file loaded? the model number you list is a delete Smarty! It will accept both US and ME files. Sounds like the truck thinks it is still undeleted.
  7. the.hogman

    jr67 problems

    Tell us about your vehicle. Also, are you sure you have a delete Smarty and a delete tune? Reading above makes me think otherwise initially. Hope we can help!! BTW, I am running a 2010 2500 with a Smarty for about 5 years deleted.
  8. I've been running Smarty for quite a few years now. Currently on N. Which tune have you personally thought was best? I am thinking of going back to K for a while. Have a great day!

    2011 CTD 2500 4x4

  9. the.hogman

    Code P24A0 after a length of time.

    Try loading a completely different tune such as K, M, or N. Not just the individual "sub-tunes". See what happens then. Hopefully this will provide some insight.
  10. the.hogman

    me update

    Generally ME updates come out at the same time the street ones do. You will not find those files on MADS site because they cannot legally distribute them. You will find that several forum sites get access to files of this type and they are normally offered to the members of the forums. You will need to keep an ear open and eye out for the updates when they come out. Cummins Forum comes to mind for this.
  11. the.hogman

    Older Tunes

    Please refer to the Cummins Forum group on the web. EVERYTHING you are looking for can be found there. Enjoy!
  12. the.hogman

    me update

    As far as I know "N" is still the latest. Been out of the loop for a while...
  13. the.hogman

    EGR Cooler Servo

    Look what I found right here in the forum! I had forgotten about this post... http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?255-installation-instructions&p=2015#post2015
  14. the.hogman

    EGR Cooler Servo

    Yep, it needs to be unplugged along with other items. Do you have a copy of the delete instructions that used to be on the Smarty site? For obvious reasons it cannot be put there again, but I can send you a copy for reference.
  15. the.hogman

    egr delete

    First question so we can help. Did you get under your truck and remove the DPF? This is the first step of delete. The SMARTY cannot tell you this. It only makes the truck run right depending on what you have physically done to the truck.