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  1. paulb

    '18 tuning

    You guys have way more self control than I do. 😄 The new trucks do have a lot more power then the old trucks did stock. Stock on a VP truck, for example, really sucked! I will admit, though, that after having tuned my 14, I hate running it stock. Even on just a 100hp tune, how I have the power curve setup, makes it drive completely different. Tuning the transmission to match the power delivery also makes a big difference. I've spent a lot more time playing with the transmission tuning, than with the engine tuning. The amount of adjustability on the new trucks far exceeds what was available on the older trucks. I now have just a few miles short of 100,000 miles, and I don't remember exactly when I first tuned it, but it was before it's first oil change. Other than tuning the truck is still completely stock. My local dealer knows what I have done to all my trucks. I don't try to hide it. My 02 and 05 have Touch's in them, and my 14 has an MM3. I don't take them out if they go to the dealer. I would never ask them to warranty a problem I caused. They have never refused to warranty something that I didn't cause. That would be up to the dealer though. We've all heard the horror stories about some dealers. The 18's are great trucks. I'm sure you will enjoy them not matter what you decide. Paul
  2. paulb

    '18 tuning

    Have you checked what the flash count is, before programming an 18 and after setting it back to stock? Paul
  3. paulb

    high speed gov

    Year of truck?
  4. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    When I say small, I'm talking 2 degrees at a time. I would suggest that you set all of your governor changes back to stock, before you start making changes to the TVA. Making governor changes can have very bad effects on the transmission.
  5. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    I don't know that it doesn't work. I haven't tried it. You would be better off making small changes to the TVA position.
  6. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    It seems unlikely, because the axis' in UDC Pro matches what is mapped in all the other 48re tuning tools.
  7. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Does your transmission have a shift kit, or modified valve body in it? Has the line pressure been mechanically adjusted higher? Some pids are calculated values, like the engine oil pressure one on some years. The oil pressure sensor is actually a switch, and the value that is listed is calculated on what it should be based on rpm. Like I said though I do not know on the transmission pressure one on an 05. And seriously, I would start back with stock tables and make small changes one at a time. Just be prepared that not everything you want the transmission to do, will it actually be able to do.
  8. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    I would not assume. Measure the actual governor pressure (and line pressure) and verify. I've seen documentation (not MADS), that lists the pid both ways. Dodge lists the sensor as a governor pressure transducer, but we don't know what the pid actually measures. It could even be a calculated value. I really don't know. What I assume and what I think really doesn't matter. Only what I know.
  9. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Even without trying it, I suspect the behavior you describe is correct. What do you have in the unlock and down shift tables? I would suggest you start with the stock maps, and make small changes one at a time. When you detect something that is undesirable figure out why that is happening. Are you sure the pid in the touch that is listed as transmission pressure is governor pressure? Paul
  10. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    With all the problems you are having that I cannot duplicate, I would suggest using a set of gauges and measuring the pressures directly. Probably the most commonly failed item in a 48re transmission is the pressure transducer. I stopped using the dodge one years ago.
  11. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Yes, I know how it works, but my question was more what are you reading for line pressure, and governor pressure? Do you have the gauges hooked to the correct ports? Paul
  12. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    One other thought, you're not confusing governor pressure with line pressure are you? Paul
  13. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    The other tuning platforms have the same parameters listed in the tables. I cannot verify the governor pressures from any of the tools because of the mods done to the valve body on my truck overrides anything the ECM tries to do. I can verify that they all behave the same way on my truck.
  14. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    Also if I remember correctly it's little endian, so you will have to do the conversion. I can't remember for sure though if the 05 uses little endian. Paul
  15. paulb

    Ongoing 05 Transmission Issues

    When you look for the table in winols, also look to see if you can find a reference to that base address in the executable code.