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  1. paulb

    Transmission temp senor location

    Isspro doesn't use the information from the trans sensor. They have their own sensor. A sensor in the pan will usually lag behind either the stock sensor or one placed in the hot line. Some years the factory sensor reads way different then on in the hot line. An 06 is an example of that. I have no idea why. There is always an argument on which is better. Pan temperature or hot line. My opinion is that for towing I would use pan temp. For racing I like hot line. No matter what you use, monitor what the trans temp normally is, and look for abnormalities. Paul
  2. paulb

    Diesel Doctor

    UDC Pro RT or the Smarty Touch will NOT do delete tunes. The best advice I can give you it to contact MM3 Power. They maybe able to give you a list of tuners that write tunes using Warp. Paul
  3. paulb

    common rail fuel pressure plug

    As long as the tuning you are using doesn't exceed the PLV's pressure, you will not see a performance increase. If you have a faulty PLV (releasing pressure to early), or the tuning you are using exceeds the PLV's pressure rating, then you will see an increase in performance by capping the rail. If you want to run tuning that commands a higher rail pressure then what the stock PLV will allow, then the better course of action is to use a modified PLV that is rated for that pressure increase. Your question is a very valid one. Which Smarty are you using? Paul
  4. paulb

    common rail fuel pressure plug

    I would not cap the rail except when testing for certain problems, and then only briefly. On a 2006 the rail pressure sensor will read ~26112psi. The high pressure system is capable of much higher than that. 35,000 psi is not unheard of. Why do you think you need to remove the PLV? The commanded rail pressure with either stock programming or with the Smarty is much lower than what the PLV is set at.
  5. paulb

    Lope tune

    A VP44 truck that lopes is undesirable in so many ways. Most tuners work very hard to not make a truck lope. With a VP44 truck, having a worn out injection pump combined with large injectors (especially with higher than stock pop pressures), and a tight torque converter, and you have the perfect storm for loping. You might find a tuner that will write you a lope tune, but in order to do that you would need a Smarty Touch, and they would have to write you a custom tune using UDC Pro. Most (if not all), of the other products for VP44 trucks do not have the ability to control fuel and timing, to the point of either fixing a lope condition or solving one, because they use the stock ecm tuning at an idle. I hope this helps... Paul
  6. If I understand the question correctly, 0 sets it to the default for that level. Paul
  7. Sorry it took so long to get here. It took me a bit to understand what you were asking. Paul
  8. paulb

    VP44 injectors

    Here is a link to a thread on Competition Diesel that has cut-a-ways of actual injectors. The thread was created by one of the most knowledgeable people in regards to VP44 injectors. SAC vers VCO injectors Paul
  9. The S03 settings don't actually change the transmission shift points, but like you said, it's related to the throttle valve (TV) adjustment. When you adjust it to "put the egg" under the pedal you have to open the throttle more, to go the same speed. This opens the throttle valve more and delays the shifts. At this point you need to change one thing at a time. I would start with the Torque Management. Go up one number and drive the truck. One number will make a big difference. Paul
  10. I thought I would start a thread on VP injectors, instead of cluttering up the thread in the S03 forum. There are two distinct types of injectors that are offered for these trucks. VCO and SAC. The original injectors were a VCO injector. In this type of injector the needle blocks all the holes in the nozzle to stop the flow. With a SAC injector, the needle blocks a passage to a small chamber (or sac), that has the injector holes in it. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of injector. With the original VCO style injector because the needle has to block all the holes, both on the opening and closing of the injector the start and stop of the injector flow is less precise. Any contamination in the nozzle makes the problem worse, and may keep the injector from sealing completely. The VCO style injector also opens slower, than a SAC injector. As the needle unseats, the pressure in the chamber does not increase as rapidly as it does in a SAC. This is the reason that with the same hole size and count a SAC injector will make more hp then a VCO. The affect of the needle not unseating/seating evenly is called needle drift. The fuel passage in the injector enters the fuel chamber from one side. This cause the needle to drift to one side as it open, which in a VCO causes some of the nozzle holes to unseat before others. VCO nozzles are generally less durable than a SAC nozzle. Some of the advantages of a VCO, are that it doesn't have the little sac of fuel in the nozzle, when the injector is closed. This fuel can cause idle haze in a SAC injector. The VCO nozzles are typically less expensive to produce. SAC injectors... Originally these were mainly used in marine applications, and the previously mentioned left over fuel in the sac was not considered an issue. The later micro-blind SAC's it really isn't an issue either. Just as a side note, the 6.7 injectors are SAC. Advantages of SAC... The nozzles are typically more durable because the needle does not contact the area of the nozzle where the holes are. As holes get more numerous and larger, the VCO nozzle gets weaker. This durability allows for higher needle lift, and more tolerance for pop pressures. With higher needle lifts, when the injector closes the needle contacts the seat with more force. With a SAC injector, the seat area can handle this pressure better. A SAC injector will also deliver a shorter more concentrated spray pattern, which keeps the fuel more in the bowl of the piston. The piston bowls are smaller in a VP truck then a CR, and the angle is greater. The injection also starts quicker, and ends faster then a VCO injector. The advantage to this is that the SAC nozzle inherently has more advance (less ID), and flows more fuel for the same size of holes. That's why with everything else being equal, a SAC nozzle will make more hp, for the same size. While a VCO may idle with less smoke, because of the fuel in the sac, a SAC nozzle will typically run cleaner every place else. Needle lift... There are two basic ways to get more fuel flow from a VP injector. Increasing the number and size of the holes, and increasing the needle lift. I personally like running injectors with more needle lift. You can keep the number and size of the holes smaller to get better fuel atomization and a more responsive opening and close. For example a company that has been making VP injectors since they first came out, has a 150hp, 200hp, and a 220hp injector that uses the same 7 hole, by .0985 orifice nozzle. The way they get the extra flow is by increasing needle lift (and a few other mods...). For a 220hp injector you get a very clean burn, easily tune able injector. These are SAC injectors. There is about a .010 difference in lift, between the low hp and high hp injector. If I were looking for a 220hp to 250hp injector I would much rather have one that has .0985 holes than one that has .014. Just my preference... I hope this helps clear some things up, and I didn't just make things more confusing... Paul
  11. It's the adjust options menu option that allows you to... you guessed it.... adjust the options. 🙂 Paul
  12. I would try software #3, Torque Management #2, Timing #3, Duration #2. That should help put the egg under the pedal for you. 🙂
  13. paulb

    SMARTY Touch Firmware: 2.2.13 8/27/18

    On a model of truck that supports the switch function (2006 to 2018), it allows changing power levels on the fly. I have not heard, but I doubt that the 03 and early 04's will have that. Those ecm's are really strapped for memory. I'm hoping that it will be added to the 04.5 and 05's.
  14. Don't know. That's not enough information to know. Have you selected a different turbo yet? Paul